27 thoughts on “HAPPY MONDAY!

  1. sandmanstwin says:

    Hi A.PROMPTreply. I tried to leave a comment on here and… It seems to be playing ‘hide and seek’ with us. (Unless it was modified in whIch case can I apologise and try again?) The long and short was an unhappy, frustrating, wearying Monday was transformed into a half decent one, not solely because of your beautiful post, let’s not go overboard, but such a splattering of colour with stone and water pointing to something mystical ahead… Suffice to say it made me smile, my thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • See that? I knew someone out there would see what I saw in that pic….that mystical quality grounded against those very sturdy stones….a very peaceful and promising scene to my eyes! Thanks for sharing with me! I hope your week has improved since then!

      On another note… glad it’s not just me leaving comments that somehow disappear! I thought I was just losing my mind!

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    • Ah, I knew you and I were on the same page…..that balance is what drew me to this pic over others I took in different spots that day. I had ones with better reflection on the water or more colors of autumn, but I really liked the solidness of the rock as a balancing point. Hope you’re having a good week, Ajesh!


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