42 thoughts on “HAPPY MONDAY!

    • Hi, Dale! Lovely to see you again! Are you back now to a world with reliable WiFi? LOL.

      This is the Palace of Fine Arts in San Fransisco. It was built in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific Exhibition and is the only one of 10 palaces built for that Exhibition that remains. It is surrounded by a beautiful little park setting – lagoon so lush you wouldn’t believe it is smack in the middle of a major city! For obvious reasons, it’s one of the most photographed sites in the city.

      I was totally enamoured of it on my visit and snapped off pix from every angle. My only regret was that I couldn’t be there to see it at night when I hear it’s equally as impressive but in a totally different way!

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    • Wow! The day we were there, there were a couple of brides/grooms having their pix done and I thought then what an incredible venue it would be for a wedding, but how very awesome that you’ve actually had the experience! I can imagine very few places better suited for such a memorable day!

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      • Summer has been very hectic. New job takes me downtown in a train. Plus son #1 got married end of July…. 1 week of guests, food, partying and 6 months prior to that of planning.


          • Well, they lived with us before the wedding for a couple of years so adjustment to her is fine. But the job has taken a lot of getting used to…. which is really odd since I get a new gig so often. I’ve been surprised by that.

            I was checking on you a week ago….saw the last post was from Feb and I wondered if you were ok, bored of the blog or just very busy


            • Hmmm….well, I think this is my third week running Happy Monday posts again. And yes, we too had a most eventful summer here. Our oldest finished his doctoral program and we went to CA for the graduation and then they moved to Boston so they came through here twice doing that. Youngest still at home and always keeping us busy, this summer was driver’s test! OMG> I’m still alive.


              • Hahaha!

                My second son is in Ottawa at University. He has no desire to drive, even at 21.

                Doctoral, eh? Wow! That’s serious academics! Congratulations.

                I’ve been meaning to write about the wedding… I did put one short very tired post up with some pictures. The detailed post hasn’t happened yet.

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              • Congrats, in this case, are all to son. I had a lot of trouble with this one….seems like the first big thing he did all on his own without our help. (seems funny since he’s married and finished his 4-year degree before this, but we were so INVOLVED in those, you know?) But I will pass your good wishes along.

                I know just what you mean about that detailed post not happening. That’s where I’ve been all summer I think…just too emotionally/physically overwhelmed to get it together enough for a post. Thus, a few Happy Mondays is where it’s at right now. πŸ™‚ Have a good week, Ajesh!

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