47 thoughts on “HAPPY MONDAY!

    • I found San Francisco a very surprising city….tons more greenery than I expected and lots of really unique scenery, both natural and manmade. A most interesting jaunt and definitely one of those places you could go back over and over again and have a totally different trip each time. Have a good week, MOSY!

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        • Sounds like we had almost the same trip except in reverse! We started in LA and drove up the coast. Anyway, we also stayed in the city in SF and did our touring from there. Ocean Beach is at one end of Golden Gate Park if you went there you may have seen it. Otherwise, probably not as it’s not really near anything else on the regular tourist spots. How far down the coast did you drive?


          • Reading your description makes me think that we didn’t go to Ocean Beach. We didn’t go to Golden Gate Park, and may just have skirted to the side of it when we cycled along the path by the water to the bridge (which we cycled over – I really must do some blog posts about our trip!). We decided to do SF to LA so that the ocean would be beside us and we could easily pull in to admire the views. We drove SF to LA (where we stayed a few days for a conference) and then drove on to San Diego (but based ourselves in the lovely La Jolla for a few days).


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