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50 thoughts on “BUSY AS A ……..

  1. Great picture Torrie! This couldn’t have been an easy one to take…and I’m assuming you took it. I guess that explains why you’ve been so sparse around the blogosphere. Hoping to see more of you soon!


    • Thanks, Marissa. I’ve been busy planning our western jaunt. Has turned in to quite the endeavour! Today I got outside in the wonderful sunshine and just soaked it up. First time I’ve been out with the camera for a while. I have missed you and your rhymes…though I have been keeping up on my reading so I’m not at a total loss as to where your blog has been lately!


  2. Fantastic pic! I was wondering where you’ve been & now I know! Too soon for bees in our neck of the woods yet but looking forward to having similar warmth and wildlife in the next few months!!! 😊😊


    • Clare, yesterday I was in a winter coat. Today, I’m in a T-shirt! Such strange weather we’ve had…..I wasn’t really happy to see bees today…hate them, but decided to at least make him contribute to my blog since he’s out there playing with my tree! And I have been doing my reading….just not a whole lot of time to comment lately….I was very happy to read the quirks and prides of Canadians through the eyes of a certain recently-transplanted young Kid!


  3. OOo that’s a lovely capture. You know that was something I never was able to master, the photographing of small pesky things that is. We have a raft of little ladybugs last year and try as I might they just looked like little blurred nothings so I gave up. I am envious of your talent my friend πŸ™‚


    • Hmmm….I wonder if it’s talent or dogged determination instead of actually having anything else to do? LOL. Thanks, Juls. Tying in to our recent conversation on your blog, I’m finding that ‘focusing’ (excuse bad photography pun) on stuff like this actually creates a little pocket where things aren’t so out of control…probably what you’re getting out of that radio show…but I think a few pix along your way most days might be a good ‘focus’ for you too?


    • Indeed we do and I must say, I’ve been totally enamoured of each one as they’ve appeared. It was a mild winter as far as it goes, but I’m just so ready for spring this year! Glad we missed that ice storm of yours…..actually husband very sadly put Godzilla away yesterday, poor man…


      • The ice storm was actually quite lovely. I say that only because there was nowhere I had to be and I could stay home where it’s safe and warm.
        …. which means of course, our power didn’t go off like it did for thousands of others.

        I’m assuming Godzilla is the snowblower? Not much need for one of those this year.


        • Yes, snowblower, if you remember he named it such when he got it. Pathetic. Only man I know that pined for snow again this year…….me? I am quite happy with how this winter went! Did you get any good ice pix?


          • I’m not mourning our lack of snow at all. This was – in my opinion – a near perfect winter. The only tarnish comes from March which is being its usual bitchy self.

            I did not take a single photo. Not one. I thought about it many times. I would look at a particular scene and think it would make a lovely photo … then did nothing.
            What can I say? I was happy to let it go πŸ™‚


            • Sometimes things are best captured in the mind. I know that place too.
              I agree with you on both, this winter being near perfect and March….definitely a bitchy one….back and forth we go. I’m almost seasick with all this rolling back and forth in March!

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              • Thank you, Joanne. I hope you’re right…we’re supposed to dip back down toward freezing temps too on the overnights…. I wish a fab week for you too, though I think you kind of get out there and MAKE that happen even if it doesn’t just come your way first thing! πŸ™‚

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