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A Saturday outing found us at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center (TREC) in Presque Isle State Park. Science exhibits aren’t generally my thing, but I was interested in seeing this place because I’d been told by one of our neighbours that they had some great photographs of the area.

Upon entering this clean, modern building, I was immediately intrigued by the narrow, glass-enclosed towers that went to the ceiling and which had many shelves holding small, handmade, moving models each showing a different Presque Isle pastime (ice fishing, fishing, bike riding, swimming, kayaking, boating, etc.) Such charming offerings were not what I was expecting!

We spent about an hour (it is a very small place) viewing photographs and other works of local artists along with the exhibits highlighting the history, flora, and fauna of Presque Isle State Park. I was intrigued to note that they had only a small plaque on the ICE DUNES OF DEATH with a bit of information that said nothing about the dangers of them at all.

I enjoyed seeing that their view of history didn’t just include the usual dry facts spouted by most places, but also included a section on the many shipwrecks that could be found on the floor of Lake Erie right off Presque Isle and, even more, consider walking down the hallway and seeing this above….

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I was amazed that a center built to educate included a section acknowledging the local lore of Presque Isle State Park. I had to turn and read the posters on the wall….presenting, in unique fashion, some of the stories/mysteries that surround Presque Isle that we actually hadn’t heard before now.

This one is all over the place online.  Occurring in 1966, it’s not the only reported sighting of UFOs here, but it seems to be the biggest and most well-known.   This poster rather downplays it, but I read online the authorities conducted many tests for radioactivity in the area, etc. after so many reports came in.1 (4)

South Bay Bessie is, I suppose, this area’s own Loch Ness Monster.    Apparently, she’s all over Lake Erie from Pennsylvania to Michigan with multiple sightings.   This poster talks about a 1993 incident involving Bessie and a boat.1 (3)

And this giant wave supposedly took place in 1984 coming right across the sand on Beach 8.  Sounds terrifying, yes?1 (2)

All in all, this was a most enlightening outing……definitely not the trip to a science center I was expecting.  Could be some day I’ll get a picture of something even better than a beach landscape or magnificent sunset, eh?  


67 thoughts on “UNCONVENTIONAL (NO. 2)

  1. Finding the unexpected – my favourite kind of outing 🙂

    The creature from Lake Erie looks remarkably similar to the monster on X-Files that we watched last night. I want to believe 😉

    We watched a show some time ago – probably the Nature of Things – about rogue waves and what causes them. Apparently they are rare, seemingly come out of nowhere, and can be devastating.
    In this show, they were creating rogue waves in a controlled environment to demonstrate what causes them.
    Unfortunately, because physics makes my eyes glaze over, that’s all I remember 😉

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    • You and I are cut from the same cloth….when I got home and had a look online to try and find something about all these events, I couldn’t find much on the wave except stuff about those rogue waves and creating them in the controlled environment…needless to say, I skipped over reading those articles……too much science makes my brain hurt! Might have to check out that X-Files….never seen that show before though I’ve heard of it all over the place.

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  2. In the late 70’s, we were to go to Erie, for work at a proposed nuclear energy plant. After the Three Mile Island accident, project was canceled. We landed in Michigan. Like every state, there is beauty there in Ohio. Nice post.


  3. I’m not a scientist by any stretch of the imagination, but I love science shows. I can spend hours researching what makes things happen.. There is a word for it… Nerd. Looking for explanations is a driving force in my life and has caused me untold misery. I need to quit, but the monster from the deep won’t let go!

    I too watched the Wave Show… Strangely, I’ve never been attracted to the X-Files. I have watched an episode or two but never got hooked on it. I will watch UFO documentaries and Area 51 exposes 🙂 I’d love to visit Area 51 and see exactly what the heck is going on in there…


    • Exactly my thoughts, MOSY. As a matter of fact, standing there reading them at first, I wasn’t even sure they were real stories…thus, the online research once I was home. Agreed on the whole Bessie……were I to be the name-r of monsters, I would be able to do a whole lot better than that!

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  4. I was so obsessed with UFO sightings and surrounding theories (I am pretty sure a friend and myself witnessed one, but didn’t tell anyone – because no one would believe us)… I want to believe! I refuse to think we are alone. And like Calvin says, the surest sign of intelligent life outside is that no one has tried to contact us! 😀


    • Now that’s funny, Prajakta. I can’t decide which way I feel about UFOs/aliens and the like….I can’t rule them out, but I can’t say for sure they exist either. Too many years living with science guys here I think….still…..there’s an awful lot of talk/stories/sightings in the world for there to be nothing, you know?

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  5. Brilliant! My kids love things like this and would’ve been in their element finding out about UFO’s and Loch Ness Monsters living next door! Just goes to show there are fascinating things right on your doorstep! Where to this weekend I wonder? 😊😊😊


  6. This sounds like a really neat outing. I love all the legends. One thing, though. Why do all Creatures, no matter where they are from, only abduct scantily clad, well endowed, women? Just wondering.😉


  7. there’s ALWAYS SOMETHING weird in the water.
    constant possibility of UFOs …
    and waves w/o apparent rhyme nor reason.
    Presque Isle sounds/seems quite exciting !


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