62 thoughts on “HAPPY MONDAY (NO. 21)

    • Brrrr! It has been “really bracing” (hovering somewhere between 0 and 10F) here, Anna, but I’m looking forward to today alot…..we’re supposed to hit 40F which is just about where I like it to be.


    • Oh boy……I sure hope they are warm and safe now, CG. I’ve been seeing pix in the paper about all the issues people have been facing there. Not the best place to be….I think the worst is over now though…..Fingers crossed!

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        • Hah. You and me both, Joanne….I’m intrigued by icicles enough that I’m always looking for them, but I also always quickly scuttle through places where they’re hanging above doorways, etc. Winter seems to be full of these beautiful yet dangerous things…..we also went down to the beach yesterday and revisited the ominous ice dunes of last year which have now returned……we wisely looked at each other and said how lucky we were to be “locals” and know better than to venture out on them……..yep, live and learn, eh?


  1. Anonymous says:

    So relaxing watching them slowly melt. Drip by drip. Also, as a young one not knowing better, it was fun to suck on one. Would i do it today knowing what might be in Them? NO!

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  2. Really cool shot of the ice!
    Game u all were spared this time – we are still digging out here in va! The snow plow drivers also took our mailbox off today – oops! The county will replace it – but we sure had some snow Coke down!


    • Thanks, Yvette. My husband actually flew into VA this morning and he’s now stuck there…his flight was delayed so he won’t make his connection. He said it was really a mess all around there with the plows and roads, etc. Hope you guys get a day off for sledding!

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      • Wow – sorry the hubs is stuck! And even though this was the 11th biggest storm In This area – my hubs and I have endured much bigger storms over the years – but glad this one has passed – anyhow- hope your other half makes it back soon/ πŸ’š


        • We’ve only lived up here a year, but we’ve been amused watching the newscasts about this storm…not the trouble people had of course, just the hype over it when it was coming in. Seems a bit funny to us when people get wound up about a couple feet of snow…..up here…that’s pretty much how we spend 6 months out of the year. πŸ™‚ Of course, we haven’t even lost a mailbox yet so we’re still new to this whole “big storm” stuff too. LOL

          Husband now re-booked and will be in here early this morning…..

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