A few weeks ago, we decided to pop downtown and make the acquaintance of another family, Mr. and Mrs. O and their son, Ollie. To me, it’s always quite interesting meeting new families with their own customs, traditions, rules, and little ways of doing things.  Safe to say, you can learn a lot about others visiting them in their own home.   I do have to admit this family was not the most mannerly family I’ve ever met….at least, they didn’t follow what I consider the “normal” protocols of entertaining.

First impressions were pretty normal….albeit a bit hairy.  The mother, Dasa, met us as we arrived.

1 (2)

Bad hair day?

Things went downhill from there.   After satisfying her initial curiosity, she didn’t invite us in but instead just sat down and kept a close eye on us.101015 (2)

I would’ve been a bit nonplussed by the suspicion, but her husband, Joe, was even worse! He wouldn’t acknowledge us at all…..He never even looked at us the whole time we were there.1 (4)

Their 6-year-old, Ollie, was still wrapped up in his bedsheet. Dad must’ve finished the paper already because Ollie was making quite a mess of it! I think he was probably looking for the comics.

1 (3)

Finally, though, a flurry of activity ensued when a ‘neighbour’ of Mr. and Mrs. O stopped by to drop off some banana treats. 1 (5)Dasa didn’t let any grass grow under her feet (or the treats!) 

1 (1)

But did she offer one to any of us? I think not….. ‘the winner takes it all’ seemed to be her motto! And she certainly wasn’t shy about eating in front of us either! 1 (6)She did, however, make sure Ollie got his fair share. He sat on the step by his father and looked up at Mummy eating while he enjoyed his own snack. 1 (7)

It was a bemusing experience to be sure. Certainly, they were the highlight of our trip. As interesting as it was meeting them, I don’t think I’m going to be inviting them over anytime soon. However, if they do decide to come see us at least I’ll know what to serve for dinner……


66 thoughts on “MEETING MR. AND MRS. O

  1. When I first started reading this post, I was a little worried … mannerly rules in entertaining?
    Uh-oh … was it something that I could have unknowingly been doing or not doing all these years? I breathed a huge sigh of relief after the first photo 🙂


  2. I love orangutans! It could be worse – he could’ve shown you his bottom and you’d have been quite put out! I must remember my manners when we finally get to meet otherwise I’ll be making an appearance in your blog too!! Lol 🙂


    • I’m so glad you saw this….I can feel your smiles from here. I love little Ollie! But no….I think I’ve had enough chaos and excitement…..I’ve got one here now that’s 16…..I’ve got zero interest in starting over now…I’m almost at the finish line!


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