October has arrived and with it the PUMPKINS and gourds…..

They’re everywhere ….the ideal autumn décor.

1 (10)

Everyone knows we can paint a face on a pumpkin or gourd for a little amusement….But did you know it’s only a simple step to a spider?

1 (8)

Or a flat friendly ghost?

1 (9)

Of course, placement also comes into play…traditionally, pumpkins are stood next to cornstalks or hay bales.

1 (17)            1 (12)

But this year, I’ve also seen them around a tepee….

1 (11)

As the backdrop in a model train village….


And someone even thought to put one in Snoopy’s doghouse. Now how original is that?

1 (15)

But those aren’t the only unique ideas I’ve encountered…..

Who would’ve thought to make a pumpkin into a planter for fall flowers?

1 (5)

And I never would’ve imagined of making a pumpkin resemble someone I know as they did at the Erie Zoo.

1 (16)

Movie characters? It’s true…..Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs….

1 (1)

The Wizard of Oz….

1 (7)

And who can possibly resist Minions pumpkins?

1 (13)

But my personal favourite has to be this group…….they never go out of style and just seem to work everywhere, don’t they?  

1 (14)

Anyone else finding unusual pumpkin uses this year?


63 thoughts on “PUMPKIN USES 101

  1. Some people are just so clever with this kind of thing …. minions and M&Ms – brilliant!! They are sooo cute 🙂

    … but pumpkins kind of baffle me. Every fall we see huge containers full of them, but how much pumpkin do people really eat? Fields of pumpkins are grown purely for decorative purposes that might last a week or two? Am I the only one who thinks that’s odd?


    • You’re so right, Joanne. I hadn’t thought of that before you said it. How many pumpkin seeds can anyone eat? Though……I think alot of people make pumpkin pies at least twice a year…….pumpkin roll? pumpkin bread? pumpkin muffins? pumpkin cookies? and lately I’ve been seeing pumpkin flavoured-coffees, teas, and shakes. Grief. Maybe there are more food options than I thought! But maybe others had the same thought as you and came up with all these other decorative ideas to cull the crop? LOL


  2. This is an awesome cheerful collection!! Super and so very inviting to try making them 😀 Halloween isn’t big here in India – we just have theme parties; no pumpkins or trick & treats.


  3. Oh wow! Those are pretty crazy and definitely original. Out here in L.A. there are all sorts of people in the movie industry that decorate their houses like horror movie sets but what I see here is more clever and creative. I’ll have to keep my eye out for out of the box pumpkin uses.


  4. These are brilliant, the M&Ms are my favourite. I think I’ve seen more pumpkins in the year we’ve lived in Canada that I have in my entire life! Definitely going to make an effort to actually eat one this year and not just carve it and throw it away.


  5. These are all great finds. I particularly like the Minions! Our family gets together shortly before Halloween and we each carve a pumpkin. The men in the family have really gotten into this since we introduced the use of a drill and various sized bits!


  6. These are absolutely amazing! I’ve seen carvings done from pumpkins which show images through the skin when there’s a light inside, but I’m loving this vast array of ideas! It’s certainly inspired me to ‘do something’ with a pumpkin – we don’t tend to embrace it hugely in the UK, but I know it’s massive over here. When in Rome and all that …… 🙂


  7. I love these, like all of them, especially the snoopy dog house, well I guess it’s more the doghouse I love than the pumpkin. LIke you though, my favourite is the M&M’s, they are just awesome, such amazing colours and painted so well that they almost look ceramic in nature and not pumpkin 🙂


  8. I am jealous of your funny pumpkins. It’s not big here. I think because, for you, pumpkin season coincides with Halloween so it all makes sense. Pumpkins don’t come in here for another 5 months. No one thinks to tie them in with Easter.


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