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Q: What do you get when you have a hugely time-consuming project followed by a little surgical excursion and then a few other need-your-attention issues?

A: A general feeling of malaise and an unattended blog.

I apologise for my unanticipated absence on here of late. I am afraid one thing led to another (see question above) which resulted in a longer than anticipated absence which put me in a place where I was considering the future of my little blog.

Thankfully, there are people on here that care enough to follow up when someone hits this point. Yesterday, one of those friends and I discussed the reasons why we blog. She put into words her reasons which, surprisingly, were exactly my own and probably a lot of yours too. Her take on it was, “Blogging not only opens a window for me beyond my own horizons but it causes me to be constantly looking at my world to see if there is a story there for me to tell. It has made me more observant and more interested in what is going on around me.” This is a lesson I’d learned in my Maryland year when I learned to live life at a slower pace and take notice of what was actually making up the world around me. 

I don’t know how I let that get away from me.

For a few weeks, I’d been feeling like perhaps I didn’t really have much to say. I felt I wasn’t as interesting as some of the people I continued to read on here. I didn’t have new sights to show you now having been here a year and I wasn’t really of the mind to get out there and enjoy all I’ve been given. However, when determined again to continue posting on here……I found that I actually have been watching and have been taking note of the changes going on around me. All it took was a few little nudges from the rest of you and I’m back to a blogging mindset.

Somewhere along the way we’ve slid into autumn over here….or at least it’s on the way….the temperatures have gone from much too hot to cool and crisp seemingly overnight. The air-conditioner no longer runs all day – indeed, I’ve actually had the heat on once already! Schools are back in session. And for us, we’re now starting the first repetitions in our new life….

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A new season is beginning and I’ve noticed something I’ve not really observed before. What I’m seeing is transition…..the halfway of things….as summer leaves us and autumn arrives to prepare us for winter….halfway.    Halfway into autumn and halfway between 2 seasons.  

Isn’t it interesting how perspective makes such a difference to what we see?

Transition…halfway between one phase and the next……sort of sounds like exactly where I’m at – not quite settled, but not a newcomer anymore either.

Have a look at the halfway point around here……..

I don’t know what this tree is, but I WANT ONE!

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Shot this one while we were driving by!

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Thanks to everyone who contacted me during my downtime…..it meant more than you’ll ever know!  


62 thoughts on “HALFWAY….

  1. Oh I’m so glad to see your blog! I’ve missed you & so glad you’re back!!! Loving the autumn colours here too, and your trees that are half red & green are absolutely magnificent! Welcome home 😊😊😊


  2. Oh Torrie, so good to see you back! I jumped at the chance to read as soon as I saw your blog waiting in my inbox. I love the pics and especially that little tree that you featured first. It looks like a furry little muppet! Also, I like your blog just because I like the person behind it and that’s all that anyone needs.


  3. So very glad you’re still here Torrie. Sometimes life gets in the way of the things we enjoy doing and makes us second guess ourselves. Happy to know your second guess had a positive outcome..:)


  4. So good to see you! Looks like Autumn is in full swing there – a little slower here but the weather is awesome.
    I’m in a slump too. Gotta get motivated……. maybe later… but my phone is back——-
    ❤ cate


  5. “Blogging not only opens a window for me beyond my own horizons but it causes me to be constantly looking at my world to see if there is a story there for me to tell. It has made me more observant and more interested in what is going on around me.”

    When I listed the Ten Reasons Why I Blog – this wasn’t one of them. I’ve become more aware than aware since then of how differently I do think and how insensitive I probably am to the lessons waiting to be learned. And I’ve always prided myself on learning through observation. If anything, this highlights even more clearly how much we can all learn just by being around people, listening to them, watching what they do and how they do them.

    Good to have you back with those photos. I’m off for a minor surgery myself next week, so expect to read about some gory details soon. 🙂 Just kidding!!


  6. I feel terrible. Having had the past few weeks/couple of months of barely existing on here myself, I hadn’t noticed how long it had been since you’ve been away. Bad me. I do hope that all is well now. It certainly sounds like you’ve gone through a lot, but I’m glad that you’re back. I must agree with the statement about looking around our world to gather writing inspiration. This is something I do all the time. Always on the look out for new blogging material. I love your idea of halfway. I’ve never considered that before. Funny too, because just this season I saw that and took time to notice it with one of our trees here. I like your thinking and again – it’s great to have you back!


  7. I loved your joint explanation of why you both blog! I sure agree with your statements. I also think it is important to remember (at least for me) that my blog is a record of what I am learning and where I am going. I don’t want to put myself in a position where I am writing what I think others expect. I don’t want to compare myself to others and think I am falling short. I just want to record my journey.


    • Wow. I love this…..”…my blog is a record of what I am learning and where I am going…” I should’ve talked to you on my break! Wise words indeed and ones I will be making sure stay in my brain from here on out! Thank you.

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  8. Marissa said it so perfectly … I like your blog because I like the person behind it 🙂

    I was so happy to see your name pop up in my mailbox! … and with a gorgeous array of photos! Simply beautiful!

    Do not doubt whether you have something to offer on your blog … you have you and your unique perspective 🙂


  9. Torrie! It’s so great to see you pop up in my Inbox. I’ve missed you! And I’ll back up Marissa and Joanne – you don’t need earth-shattering news to share, I like whatever you write. Love the photos. We’re well on our way to Summer here (34C last Tuesday) so I love getting the Autumn colours at the same time. 🙂


  10. I am happy to hear from you, and I am insanely jealous of your getting to experience the hallways of the changing colors of fall! I hope you are well, and I’m happy you’ve decided to come back to us. I have reached the point where I am trying to determine how much of me I am able to continue to dedicate to my blog. I know, however, that as I spend a few days at a time away I miss you all fiercely.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Definitely the hardest part of things is trying to find that manageable balance, Karen. I don’t know if you read the comments above, but I liked the one that said she was interested in chronicling her own journey in her own way. I think that makes things much easier, in my own head anyway….just being on here to chart where I’ve been and where I’m going in the time I have to do that. Actually, I find that a necessary part of my processing process now…..just having a place to journal such as it is. And, of course, as you said, the very best part of this whole blogosphere….to interact and keep up with parts of the journeys of all my other bloggy friends on here……


  11. Good to have you back 🙂 Hope you are fine and recuperating well. You have had some fine sights around you – fall colors are storming and they look absolutely stunning in these photographs 🙂
    Taking an occasional break from blogging is healthy I believe – balance the real with virtual and just let yourself be 🙂

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  12. Even when there are great things to share, you can still lose your ‘oomph’ sometimes, so what with work and surgery you are excused (and given a big hug!) 🙂 I’ve been out stomping in the leaves this last day or so. Glorious, isn’t it? 🙂 Take your time. We’re still here.


  13. Love your half-way observations and pictures, Torrie. What spellbinding colours! I’m sorry not to have contacted you, but I’m having my own downtime and have been thinking that there is usually a valid reason for silence in the blogosphere. Mine is very pedestrian: too many projects on the go. As for you, of course you have lots of interesting things to say and images to share – welcome back!


    • Thank you so much, Anna. Please….do not apologise…..I, better than anyone, can certainly understand that while it’s almost impossible to keep up with one’s own schedule, it’s doubly-impossible to keep up with someone else’s whereabouts especially in a virtual world! Hah! I hope things get to a manageable level for you soon…..I have missed reading your posts on here of late!

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  14. Just some stunning scenery, eh!!! Nicely captured. I did miss you, but thought you were busy? I actually have been fairly hit-or-miss about blogging lately. Too many life things to do. Hope all is well?


  15. Torrie, so happy to see your post! It wasn’t in my reader for some reason–glad I visited your website. I hope you’re well and on the mend from your surgery. I think we all feel the way you do from time to time. I agree with finding a balance. I enjoyed your post and lovely fall pictures. Welcome back!!! 🙂 xo


  16. Dale says:

    You may have noted by now that I am going through my emails… I mean, here we are in January and I’m reading about your Summer/Autumn transition! Very late to say anything but blogging, for me, should not be an obligation so, if there are periods where we are particularly busy or just not inclined to write, that’s okay. Our most loyal peeps will still be around when we come back…
    I love reading you!


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