72 thoughts on “HAPPY MONDAY (NO. 12)

          • Actually we are having a “heat wave” here too, but the temperatures are considerably more moderate … mid 70s, sunny and NO HUMIDITY!!! Perfect weather as far as I’m concerned. Speaking to a few locals, the weather the past week has been the best they’ve had all summer. We’ve been very lucky!

            From a time perspective, Gilles had a decent race, but from an experience perspective, he said it was the most difficult race he’s ever had.
            It was a very windy day making the water extremely choppy. The swim was brutal. It was so bad, he didn’t think he could finish the swim, let alone the rest of the race … but persevere he did!


  1. I like everything about that photo…the way the rocks angle in the foreground, especially the clouds, the different shades of blue in the sky. But could you like photoshop in a Lock Nest Monster, instead of that motorboat??


    • Hah. You’re there complaining about glowering clouds and I’ve finally awoken to a bit of rain this morning and love it! Though I do agree… and fluffy is much nicer to look at! Hope you have a great week and no more trips or falls, MOSY!

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  2. Happy Humpday – for Monday, ah you know what I mean πŸ™‚ Lovely picture as always.
    So I was thinking about this whole Instagram thing and yes I think you should join, cos I’m going to try and put more pictures on there, most likely at first of all the geeky stuff, but some scenery too, so yeah, at least have a look πŸ™‚


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