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55 thoughts on “HAPPY MONDAY (NO. 4)

    • Maggie, I have NO IDEA. I have only just begun my education on all things floral. I just snap away and hopefully someone comes up with the proper name along the way…..LOL! Hope your week is splendid too!


  1. Dale says:

    Yellow is a most happy colour, don’t you think? The sun is shining here (for now) and is a great start to another fabulous week! May yours be fabulous as well!


    • Well, have looked up a pic of the Black-eyed Susan and I don’t think so…not with the little orange things in the middle….the BES seems to have a darker ring around a lighter ring inside….and alot darker than this one. Not sure….But in absence of a proper name, we could go with that!


  2. What a glorious and happy face to be greeted with in the garden. Yellow is my favorite color – and apparently the deer’s as well, as they’ve eaten all my black-eyed Susans. Ah well, I shall come here for my bit of sunshine.
    So sweet, Torrie.


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