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56 thoughts on “HAPPY MONDAY (NO. 3)

    • Anna, I am always so amazed when someone can just rattle off the name of a flower/plant/tree like you just did. I’ve only just begun my education on all things “growing out of the ground” and must say, I still admire things people tell me are weeds! Have a good week!


    • Oh, am very glad you liked it! How strange. As I’ve said before, I’m only just beginning to learn about plants/flowers/trees, so it surprises me that you say yours is small. This one is from a tree in our yard and the tree is just huge! I thought they were all that way. Amazing what I learn in a day.


        • Hmmm, interesting. I just had someone else comment that she believed they always grew as bushes and not trees. Can you advise on that? I thought what I have here was a tree because it is well up over my head and has a trunk and branches. But it is rounder and less straight-up-and-down like other trees. It is a tree or a bush?


    • Well, see now, I don’t actually know the difference between bush and tree, I guess. I thought trees were things with big trunks and lots of branches which this is. However, this is also not a straight-up in the air sort of tree….it’s more rounded I guess and shorter….it’s closer to the ground. So maybe this is a bush, though it is well over my head or anywhere close to the point where we could prune it on top. Who knows…..


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