1 (7) Juls over at The Indecisive Eejit and Edwina (a.k.a. Judy) over at Edwina’s Episodes both passed on the LOVE/HATE challenge to me. I’m supposed to list 10 things I love and then 10 things I hate and then pass the challenge on. 


1. Spending time with my mother. There are people that don’t realize how short life is and think their parents will always be there. I am not one of those people. My mother is my very best friend…..always has been, always will be.

2. Taking pix. Not only a great way to avoid being in pix, but I just like capturing the world and being able to contain it in nice little squares!

3. Writing. I find it therapeutic, informative at times, and I enjoy hearing how people react to what I write about.

4. Reading. Hardly ever does a day pass when I 1 (1)don’t begin my morning with a little read on my Nook. I love almost any kind of book I can get my hands on but especially love historical fiction and psychological thrillers. 

5. Most of you probably already know….I really love snow/winter! Enough said.

6. Planning anything….trips, holidays, parties, you name it – organisation is me!

7. I love it when one of my kids succeeds in something and can take pride in a job well done. 8. I have a big thing about boxes…..Christmas boxes, storage boxes, any sort of box. It’s almost a fetish I’d have to say….I love “containing” things.

9. Helping someone. Definitely something that makes me feel great.

10. I love it when someone takes the time to surprise me with something personal. It’s not an easy thing to surprise me, so it’s doubly nice when it happens.


1. Number one thing on this list has to be not looking like I used to look and not moving like I used to move when I was younger. I keep moving.   I do keep trying.  But somehow it does keep getting harder.   Ugh. 1 (10)1 (11)2. Being late. I really try to be early in all things. 

3. Injustice – in any way, shape, or form.  1 (13) I want the scales balanced (or tipped to the positive side) at all times.

4. Maths – any of them, all of them. I hate them.

5. Zealots – religious, political, or otherwise. Passion is awesome.  Pushy is not.   Everyone is entitled to their own views on things – make room for that! 

6. Am sorry to say, I have to put museums on this list followed closely by science centres. I just do not like them. 1 (9)

7. Walking into a store where the sales people work on commission and  1 (12)attack you the moment you step across the threshold. Let me be…I’ll find you when I need you. It actually makes me avoid stores when I’m approached like this. 

8. Chaos. It’s true that’s all I’ve been living in for the past 2 years, but I don’t like it. I’m much better when I know what’s coming next.

9. Screwing something up. I give 110% to most everything I get involved in so when something goes wrong I know I’m generally just not capable of it. Very depressing. 

10. Being misunderstood. I have a certain knack of not putting things out the right way sometimes. I really wish I could avoid doing that because a lot of times people end up with a bad opinion of me when they have misunderstood my true intention.

I’m supposed to pass on this challenge to another 10 people. However, keeping to my usual form, I’m putting out an open invitation to all of you.    Write this up.   Post it.   I want to know what floats your boat and what doesn’t!  




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56 thoughts on “LOVE IT. HATE IT.

  1. Great lists – I love your marshmallow men illustrating each point 🙂

    Surprises? … well #8 on your love list. I have an image of plastic storage boxes lining your garage, basement, closets … lol! Yes, I love storage boxes too 😀

    … and #10 on your hate list. It completely surprises me because you are such a wonderful communicator! Your posts and comments are always witty and articulate, supportive and thoughtful. If people are getting the wrong impression of you perhaps it is more a reflection on them?

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    • Oh, Joanne. You knew I was nervous about this and you took me from nerves to a feeling of camaraderie! Thank you.

      Must say, your vision of my garage, basement, closets, cupboards, etc. is SPOT ON. I have boxes everywhere! Just can’t resist them ever!

      As for the communication issues, I think alot of it goes to what I’ve been told is my very dry sense of humour. Also, I’m not great sometimes at thinking before I speak (especially when I’m nervous) and there are quite a few things in retrospect I can see should have been said in a different manner. However, I do like your thinking….putting at least some of it on the listener….hadn’t actually considered that before. Much appreciate that perspective as well.

      Thank you for being such a supportive friend!

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      • OMG – I can so relate to the dry sense of humour. I’ve been told the same thing!!

        Now I truly understand #10!!! I’m usually very careful about what I say and how I say it otherwise it can go sideways in a way I never intended!!

        Only my really good friends understand my sense of humour – maybe that’s why they are my really good friends 😉 … even Gilles often doesn’t get it!


        • Hah. We are SO MUCH on the same page……I always say my sense of humour is an acquired taste for most. Only those who persevere really get to see when I’m serious or not. Those are my really good friends.

          I won’t even tell you about the time when I was talking to the father of one of my son’s friends. No, I won’t mention that my son’s friend had ALOT of hair which was always all over the place on his head and never neatly combed. His father remarked to me on how much he wanted his son’s hair cut but didn’t want to mess with his sense of individualism. He was standing there trying to figure out why in the world anyone would want so much hair and then do nothing with it. Caught up in the moment and wanting to keep the conversation going, I piped right in with, “Well, maybe he’s scared of going bald,” and gave a laugh. It was only after the conversation ended and I was on my own that I realized I had just said that to a man with a bald spot on his own head! OMG. Mortifying!

          Also won’t tell you about the time my son had one of his friends for an overnighter and the friend’s father came to pick him up in the morning….When I opened the door and saw the father (hitherto only seen on the sidelines of soccer games, etc. in jeans and flannel shirts) in a suit I exclaimed, “Wow! You look great in a suit!” He lit up. Am sure he told his wife because I was snubbed by her from that moment forward……am sure I had reputation of being on the hunt for her man. OMG. The things I’ve done to myself!

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          • OMG – I burst out laughing at the suit story!!! I could so relate LOL!! In my career, I’ve worked primarily with men and as a result I tend to talk to men the same way I would talk to a woman. Sometimes it goes horribly wrong … like in your example. LOL – omg, I’m still laughing 😀

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            • Oh, you want the DIRE examples?! Oh, well, I do have those too, I’m afraid to say. I think I’ll spare myself the humiliation on here, but be assured, my sense of humour isn’t funny to everyone all the time….

              Thank you, though, for the support on the suit comment. I’m sure I did make his day, but I still cringe when I remember how I said that to him with so much vigor. I really must learn to think before I speak.

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              • I understand the humor issue. Not everybody appreciates mine but I have no plans to stop! (I make concessions online when interacting because I understand how easily things are misconstrued.)

                There’s another way t look at this. If you stopped talking or only said very carefully considered unfunny things, there would be people who took issue with THAT.


  2. I love your Love list but as a Bachelor of Science who majored in Applied Mathematics, I’m probably not going to agree with you on Points 4 and 6 in your Hate list! But yes, yes, me too on your points 9 and 10. Hate that.


  3. Dale says:

    Great list! I actually started mine yesterday afternoon but had to leave for an appointment. Got back to a messy kitchen thanks to my boys and was too pissed to find anything to love! 😉


  4. I love your insights, Torrie! I hope you won’t take it personally, but I won’t rise to your challenge: my to-do list is growing longer by the day. Actually, here is something I hate: not being on top of things!


  5. A really great and entertaining post, Torrie. I’m so with you about the sales people who hover around me in stores. A few times, the irritation I feel, has made me walk straight out again.Zealots are also high on my list of dislikes. My biggest like is being with my hubby. 🙂


    • Hah. I’m so glad you said that about the zealots and sales people. I almost didn’t include those thinking it might offend someone! And of course I did leave off the biggies on this list…time with husband, time with sons, those are givens in my world of likes. 🙂

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  6. Brilliant! You made me chuckle at how similar our lists would be – especially the shop assistant scenario. I’ll even avoid shops if there’s no one in as I’ll get pounced on & only return if there are others around to act as decoys! 😊😊

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  7. Miriam says:

    I enjoyed reading this- it’s what I love about blogging, that I can find people who share similar qualities. I especially relate to a few items on your “hate” list… #1,3,5,7 and 8. And although I can’t say that my mother is my best friend, I loved that you can and I hope that my daughter feels the same way about me.


    • What a nice comment…..I’m sure your daughter realizes how blessed she is even now, but, with me anyway, that feeling has grown more and more through the years. Basically, I feel it gets better as we mature so there is much to look forward to!


  8. A very sensible list…both love and hate. Math…right there with you, I mean, what’s to like, it’s math. Being misunderstood…and for me, it seems it’s so easily done. I used to say to someone “I really like you” and it seemed like what they heard was “I hate your freakin guts.” Like that, some times. Hate it. Injustice and sales people should be shot.


  9. Wonderful lists, Torrie. It screams sanity and balance. With a touch of creative kook for good measure. My kind of person.
    I think what makes your love/hate list so likeable is that it is wholly easy to resonate with. I just find yourself nodding along and saying, “me too!”
    And I love your little folk images. They are adorkable and fit this post perfectly.


  10. Sorry for the late comment, I had read this the other day and was convinced I’d commented already but perhaps not..i’m going loopy lol

    Great lists, so with you in the Maths, I hated and still hate it! I was surprised by the museums being there though, but then I thought about it and agreed, not very photographic some of them lol


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