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33 thoughts on “HAPPY MONDAY (NO. 2)

  1. As much as I am a fan of divinely delicate blossoms, I’m so drawn to the fringe of green fingers behind them. I love ferns. As a kid growing up in Wisconsin, it was the only thing I did not kill in my own little plot of spring growth I’d plant each year. And if any of them began to look suspiciously like giving up, I’d quickly replace them with another one from the woods. They were ubiquitous and free. Not a terrible combination.
    Happy Monday to you too, Torrie.


    • A woman after my own heart! I’ve only recently begun my education on the local flora up here, but ferns have already taken a special spot in my heart….I think I like them even more now knowing that they’re hearty little souls! Glad you enjoyed!


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