Emilio over at Photos by Emilio invited me to join in the 5 photos, 5 stories challenge.    If you haven’t viewed Emilio’s awesome photos and seen his unique finishing touches, you really must pay him a visit.   In addition to being quite the digital artist, he’s also one of the nicest bloggers I’ve met on here.    

Continuing on my theme of WEIRDNESS AT THE LOUVRE….

Finally!  The end of this challenge and our last weird, head-scratching situation outside the Louvre.   As I’m sure you’ve seen already, it seems the Louvre is many things to many people, both inside and outside its walls.

I think this last photo really sums up the whole OUTSIDE THE LOUVRE experience that my son and I watched in the time we were there…just how extremely COMFORTABLE people were to be themselves, doing their own thing, with very little regard for how anyone else took it in.    It wasn’t rudeness but instead just a very relaxed feeling that each person/group belonged here doing exactly what they were doing exactly when they were doing it without any sort of scruples.   Perhaps I picked up on this because I’m NOT generally a person that feels comfortable  enough to change my pants in public or assume acrobatic positions in the middle of a public area.

To illustrate that comfort level further, I share this last pic taken as we were moseying along the gardens and happened upon these two fellows…..not in a quiet corner like you’d expect, but just off to the side enough to be out of the way of falling acrobats or random clown/biker groups going by.   How many people do you think associate the Louvre with a great nap? 

1 (3)

These two were quite soundly asleep as we went by as evidenced by their lack of acknowledgement by even an eyelid movement with all the activity nearby taking place and the shouts of young children and noise of the traffic all around.     Now that’s making yourself right at home, huh?  Actually, rereading what I just wrote…..maybe we should’ve checked…Perhaps they weren’t just catching a few winks but actually eternally sleeping?   

Oh my.   

Maybe this challenge theme wasn’t my best idea…now I’m going to be wondering about this probably for the rest of my days!   

Thanks for tagging along on this challenge and thanks again to Emilio for bringing me in on this one!  

I guess this is the point where I’m supposed to nominate others to take up the challenge but I like how another blogger did it best……A GROUP INVITE…..if you feel like it, join right in!



35 thoughts on “FIVE PHOTOS, FIVE STORIES (DAY 5)

  1. LOL!! Rest easy … they look they were and I’m sure it wasn’t the eternally kind – you’re so funny!!

    I often have trouble sleeping in my own bed. I wish I was the kind of person who can have a power nap in a park 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, thank you for reassurances that I didn’t need to check closer, Joanne. And….I know JUST what you mean about having to have the PERFECT nest to sleep…….it’s not an easy thing sometimes to find that nest!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. No, it was a great challenge. Of course I’ve never been to the Louvre and when I first saw your photos I thought ‘what are these weird people doing?’ But now I think it’s just more a place to make a scene, but in a good comfortable way. There are places in New York like that, where you can just be weird or different or do strange things, not just to be outrageous, but because it’s who you are and I think that’s really cool.


  3. Okay, firstly fab picture, and secondly, I know exactly how they feel. One hour in a museum and I truly begin to go comatose. You’d likely find me echoing this very same posture right at the bottom of a pastoral Monet.
    I love art–I really do, but I find it soporific and eventually I grow heavy-lidded.
    I think if museums had a few more couches I could stay a lot longer and make a day of it. See some art, take a quick kip, back to the art …


  4. Not to worry, Torrie, I looked closely and am quite sure I saw one of them breathing. Well, girl, you made it through the challenge with flying colors. Do you feel as I did, so relieved it’s over?


  5. Hey there – I think they were just sleeping because they have rigidness in their beings – you know – wouldn’t they fall flat if there was not breathe? anyhow, excellent capture with these sleeping fellas – you were really at a good angle and the face of the one – the fence – and then the toned midriff area give it a vibe.


  6. I didn’t deliberately save all these up to read at once. Life just got busy. But It was actually fun to keep rolling on and get the whole outlook in one hit. Don’t you just love people-watching? And you certainly got an eyeful! Well done on completing the challenge with flying colours and with your pants still on.


    • Ah, well, it may not be unusual for them to nap outside the Louvre, but to us it was most definitely strange. Also quite strange to think they can nap on break! Guess that’s a French thing!


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