Emilio over at Photos by Emilio invited me to join in the 5 photos, 5 stories challenge.    If you haven’t viewed Emilio’s awesome photos and seen his unique finishing touches, you really must pay him a visit.   In addition to being quite the digital artist, he’s also one of the nicest bloggers I’ve met on here.    

Continuing on my theme of WEIRDNESS AT THE LOUVRE….

Today, another weird, head-scratching situation outside the Louvre….   1 (5)

Now this is quite a group, yes?  This group actually included the pants-changer previously mentioned on Day 2 of this challengeHe would be to the right in this shot had we panned that far.   Not so visible in this shot is the woman not facing the camera, the only one not wearing a jacket but instead showing shoulders and who may be changing her top?  Still not sure on that one.  And what is she wearing on top of her head? My son and I wondered what in the world all these people could possibly have in common and why meet up here at the Louvre?  Age doesn’t seem to be the common factor.   Style of dress doesn’t seem to be the common factor.   Type of footwear not it either.   They are quite an eclectic mix, don’t you agree?   I wasn’t brave enough to approach them and ask…that whole biker/clown mix just didn’t sit too well with me…….

What’s your take on this motley crew?

Tomorrow is the last day of this challenge for me when I will leave you with one final view of weirdness from outside the Louvre.    


67 thoughts on “FIVE PHOTOS, FIVE STORIES (DAY 4)

  1. Maybe it’s a group of students from an art class. Most of them seem to be facing the “normal looking” lady with dark hair; maybe she’s their teacher. Perhaps they were instructed to wear something bright and weird so that they could easily identify each other in the crowd. That’s my best shot! 🙂


  2. This gets a vote from me in the weird and wonderful category … some kind of weird hat society. They almost appear normal … then you notice the pink ‘fro. It jumped out first at me.


  3. Okay, so there is one common factor…they definitely all went into the wacky hat store together. Other than that, they seem an unlikely bunch to be hanging anyway but maybe not so much if it wasn’t for the hats?? Notice my use of the word maybe.


  4. This is easy. They’re a family of clowns on their day off, hence, no make-up. There is always something common within a family. Common to all the members here is a strange head gear. Yet they are all individuals!


              • I can’t believe it. You, my idol? No, I can’t believe you almost quit. I, however, wrote mine up all the same day and scheduled them to avoid quitting in case it was a total disaster (i.e. no one interested). I felt so much pressure after you nominated me thinking, “How in the world could I possibly even present something in the same class as your work!” OMG. Gave me quite a worry. So I just went with something random and hoped it would be entertaining instead of trying to “keep up” if you know what I mean.


              • I am an idol with feet of clay. Or a clay idol, I’m not sure. Have you ever listened to or know about TED Talks? I heard one the other day by a photographer talking about when no one is interested in your work. What it boiled down to is that you have to do it for you. Not for anyone else. I’m not quite there. I still need the little pat on the back. Affirmation. I love what I’m doing and do believe I will continue to do it. But when you work on something and then no one notices…, that’s disheartening.


              • Hah. How nice to know that you’re not perfect yet, Emilio, and that we both struggle needing that little pat on the back. I am doing this for me……it’s a great outlet and I do enjoy it a bunch…but I’m still really nervous when I post things…..I’m never quite convinced people are going to see what I do, you know? Will have a look for the TED talks….thanks for the camaraderie… are a great mentor!

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  5. Ha now this is so different A! What possibly could they be representing and seem so natural, as everybody should be dressed as such. I do like the comment “Weird Hat Society!”


    • Yes, Weird Hat Society definitely in there with a chance, I agree. And leave it to you to come up with the same feeling I’ve had all throughout this……how natural they all look….as if we’re the oddities!

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  6. Usually only a jury duty summons or broken elevator could cull together a crew like that. Maybe they’re starting an intergenerational, international band. You should have just walked up and acted like you belonged.

    Would have made a great blog post!


  7. I never made it inside the Louvre. We had so much else to see, with more of an emphasis on gardens (Giverny was beyond my wildest dreams) but you certainly did well for entertainment 🙂


  8. Very simple…it’s Wackadoodle Wednesday. Oh, and you were right not to ask. A pirate and his wench walked into the breakfast room at an inn in London once and I asked him if there was a convention in town or if they were a part of a traveling show…he looked confused. I asked where he had parked the ship and then he promptly informed me they simply liked to dress that way. Arrrrrrrgh…did I feel like the bozo then. Well, I can hardly wait to see what day 5 will bring. Keep ’em comin’.


    • Ah, of course. Wackadoodle Wednesday, how could I have missed that.

      And OMG, Donna, what an embarrassing story! You’ve made me doubly glad I didn’t ask!

      One more day…….just one more. And then perhaps something completely different. Hah.

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  9. You’ve had me chuckling this week with your pics & narratives …. people watching is a full time occupation! Better to guess what their connection is than know the reality I always think – far more exciting! 😊😊


      • yes – it does make sense – and when we were in virginia beach for my nieces performance earlier this month – well they had folks – a group of them – huddled and laying down – in back of this building near the parking lot. I think they were all homeless and I slightly regret not taking a photo – but it did not feel right.

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