Emilio over at Photos by Emilio invited me to join in the 5 photos, 5 stories challenge.    If you haven’t viewed Emilio’s awesome photos and seen his unique finishing touches, you really must pay him a visit.   In addition to being quite the digital artist, he’s also one of the nicest bloggers I’ve met on here.    

Continuing on my theme of WEIRDNESS AT THE LOUVRE….

As promised…..another unusual situation outside the Louvre.  

Not nearly as perplexing as yesterday’s shot, but definitely one that filled me with awe….first that anyone COULD do this and secondly, that anyone WOULD do this in such a public venue.   Maybe it’s just an age thing me being so entranced by this, but how great are these acrobats?    1 (2)

I mean really!  Nary a wrinkle in that blanket on the ground which suggests to me that no struggle was undertaken to achieve this pose.  Okay, they have 20 years on me…..but still!  And maybe it’s the mother in me, but I’m also wondering why the smaller person is on the bottom supporting the larger person above? Even the statue behind them won’t look at the catastrophe that this could be. 

And how effortlessly comfortable does that girl on the bottom look? Hands gently resting on her abdomen like she hasn’t got a care in the world and isn’t bothered one iota about the fact that she’s supporting someone larger directly above her using only her feet. And the girl on the top?  I mean she’s got way more guts than me and quite obviously a MUCH more flexible body!

Not only COULDN’T I, but even if i COULD, I’m just not sure I WOULD, you know? And…..even if I COULD and WOULD, I WOULD NOT be doing this on the grounds in front of the Louvre!   

Thanks for joining me today.   

Tomorrow, yet more weirdness outside the Louvre!   


67 thoughts on “FIVE PHOTOS, FIVE STORIES (DAY 3)

    • Yes, I think perhaps alot of this was an age thing,…..still I can’t even think at 20 I would’ve done this in such a public place…..I think I’m much too reserved…always have been…..sigh…

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  1. Advanced Yoga. I’m just as entranced when I look at pictures from Instagram (Laurasykora, Eddie and one other fellow) and i watch these poses.
    The lady under is called the “base” apparently and the one on top is a “flyer”. And the other one behind is called the… oh i’ve forgotten. The effortlessness of the activity is mind-blowing and yet it’s taken months… perhaps years of honing muscles and core.


  2. Your comment about the statue made me laugh 😀

    When I was MUCH younger, my sister and I would do a variation of this … me on the bottom and her on top laying across my feet on her belly like an airplane. Quite frankly, her job was harder because she had to trust me not to drop her 😉

    I’m in total awe of people who can do that kind of acrobatics.


    • You and me both, Joanne! Though I do thank you for reminding me…..I did that “airplane” game with my sons when they were little, so the thought of me being part of this activity isn’t as outrageous as I originally thought! Though I still wouldn’t have done that in front of the Louvre either…….


  3. Hmm – I think I may have gone to the wrong Louvre… because I didn’t see any of this!

    My Beloved Bangalan does not like acrobats because she’s worried they may fall and hurt themselves and she doesn’t think being worried about that leads to good entertainment. I see her point.

    As someone who is hopelessly un-flexible ( is there such a word ) I have a healthy respect for gymnasts and acrobats. Even at the height of my playing days I was unable to touch my toes; I was so stiff.


    • Hah. You were probably more interested in the high-brow end of the Louvre and not all this! 🙂 I tend to agree with your Bangalan,,,,being worried is not relaxing entertainment.


  4. I think I might need to visit the Louvre again and sit outside this time. I love how the statue appears to be saying, “Non…I cannot watch such impropriety!” But then again, she’s naked. Maybe she’s really thinking, “If I stretch my foot out, perhaps I might snag me a dress from that bag without them noticing.” Ahh, yes. Quel problème. I’m really loving these 5 days at the Louvre.


  5. I looked at the numbers on your posts and realised I’d missed one – what a one to have missed! Next time we’re in Paris I must go and sit outside the Louvre and see what I’ve been missing – now I’m wondering if I can fit in a quick day trip over the summer. 🙂


    • Hah! Well, if you go, take your camera and give us a few posts on it….I’m sure you won’t be short on blog fodder over there! 🙂 Thanks so much for following along this week. I’ve very much enjoyed your company as always!


  6. Okay – so the amazing thing about this photo (all weirdness aside <3) – well the way it is next to the art figure – which has the curves and pose of its own. This is actually brilliant – live vs. not live – grey vs all that color (pink) – and then elbows up on the structure and the standing lady – gosh, I like so much about this photo that I keep seeing things – truly a special composition.


      • well funny you should mention the cheerleading – I just brought that trip up in another comment – but that is not really what I like about this (even though I do because I think the gymnastics can be so cool) but really it is the juxtaposition here – animate with inanimate maybe….

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