Emilio over at Photos by Emilio invited me to join in the 5 photos, 5 stories challenge.    If you haven’t viewed Emilio’s awesome photos and seen his unique finishing touches, you really must pay him a visit.   In addition to being quite the digital artist, he’s also one of the nicest bloggers I’ve met on here.    

Continuing on my theme of WEIRDNESS AT THE LOUVRE….

I promised today to show you some of the weird, head-scratching situations outside the Louvre.  

My son and I didn’t last the many hours my husband wanted to tour inside the Louvre (mostly because our feet were done in!), so we went up to sit in the square while we waited for him to see all he wanted to.   Little did we know, my son and I, that the real show at the Louvre was outside!    From the tourist vultures to the solitary nun, to the young couple dressed in tux and gown, and then the security guards with scary-looking, muzzled German Shepherds showing up to patrol the Louvre overnight, we had to wonder how so many different sorts of people could converge on one place and, even more, how one place could attract so many people doing so many different sorts of activities.    

Perhaps one of the most perplexing of all, though, was the man on the right in this photo (yes, the one on the left is odd too, but that’s a story for another day!).  My son burst out laughing as we sat there watching all the people and quickly grabbed his camera to take this shot.    1 (4)

Now I ask you…..would you ever?    

Thanks for joining me today.

Tomorrow, another scene from outside the Louvre.


79 thoughts on “FIVE PHOTOS, FIVE STORIES (DAY 2)

  1. People watching is the BEST!! What a great catch – stripping down in public and outside the Louvre of all places. I’m not sure I would have had the presence of mind to get my camera out to take a photo 🙂


    • Yes, I’m afraid I just sat there in stunned silence myself. My son, however, had no such delay in his thinking…..I felt actually really bad that he snapped these pix (he took quite a few as the man was obviously in no hurry at all). But in the end, what could I say? The man was obviously unbothered and quite comfy at stripping off in front of the world. As you can see….I got over my compunction enough to post it on here, but I figure if you willingly strip off in public and even stop in your undressed state to converse with someone else in your group, then you’re fair game for ending up on a blog!


  2. well, my dear… when you consider how very casual the French are about nudity in all its glory (and less than glorious), this would come as something less of a surprise. Actually, Europeans in general are waaaaay more casual about taking their kit off in public. People change clothes on the beach. Right. There On, The. Beach. No kidding. In France, many of the beaches feature nudity, from the very young to the unbelievably well-baked ancient. Quite a few restrooms are unisex, and hey, I ain’t gonna lie. One cannot avoid catching an eyeful passing by the urinal, even without trying.

    Yes. Eeeeeew. But it is what it is. 🙂 xx Mother Hen


  3. Well, you did say it would be weird. As used as I am to be people changing on the beach and unisex changing rooms I’m not sure how normal it is to change your trousers outside a major tourist attraction. There’d probably be more of a reaction than that if you tried that outside the National Gallery in London – I can imagine a not-so impressed policeman wandering up to have a word.


  4. Wow, yeah, if I saw this guy I would probably just run the other way…although he really doesn’t look that dangerous. You know, anytime you want to scare someone, you just act like you’re insane…that’s what my mother always told me. Well, this guy takes the cake.


  5. Done that! I used to play cricket in Canada, where the grounds are public and there are no pavilions / change rooms. The only time I found an actual dressing room, I wondered why none of the players were using it. So I went and had my pants down to my ankles when I suddenly found myslef looking right at the snake that lived there….

    In another episode, I decided to shield myself from the street behind my car. With my pants off, who should come driving by the deserted lot on the unguarded side but a young lady in her car who looked as surprised as I was ….

    I shall talk about the Louevre in a soon-to=be written post…


    • Okay………am not sure about that first story……but am not eve going to ask.

      Concerning the second story, I can imagine she’d be quite shocked! Bet you’re glad she didn’t have a camera like we did, huh? Perhaps you ought to do a bit of hunting online and make sure someone else didn’t capture the moment and you’re now starring on a different blog somewhere! LOL

      Very much look forward to the Louvre post!


  6. Ha! Torrie, having spent several years in Germany growing up, this doesn’t blow my mind quite as much as it probably should. Europeans have a much more laissez-faire attitude towards nudity or any general state of undress than we “puritanical” Americans do. So, see? You’ve introduced your son to another cultural difference thus broadening his horizons!


  7. Emilio Pasquale says:

    This reminds me of a dream I had just the other night. You know, the one where you’re caught in public with no pants? OK, not so much a dream as a nightmare!


  8. I really just wonder why he was changing there? hmmm – and I hear ya on going outside to rest the feet. I find that museums are great – but the walking does catch up and so does the stimulation from so much art. I start to shut down and can only take so much in….


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