An odd find in Edinboro, Pennsylvania.  Edinboro is about halfway between Meadville and Erie, so about a 25 minute drive for us.

Who even knew there were such things as buffalo farms?    1 (2)(Random tidbit: People mistakenly call North American Bison buffalo. This is incorrect. No buffalo have ever lived in North America. Early settlers to North America thought bison resembled buffalo and called them by that name.)

I’m sure you can see bison are huge and look quite serious.1 (12) And I know you didn’t miss those big, scary-looking horns.1 (5) But did you know bison could be cheeky?1 (3) Did you know they are great entertainment (as long as they are behind an electric fence) for kids….even teens feeling brave (with that fence in place) trying to get their attention?

1 (9)   1 (8)  1 (10)  1 (11) Who knew how smart bison are? When subjected to the antics of a teen trying to get them closer to the fence, they just run away to the furthest point they can find. I bet a lot of parents would like to do this very thing when faced with the prospect of up-close time with their wound-up teen.1 1 (16)A few random facts to educate you:

  • Bison bulls: approximately 2,000 pounds, 6 feet high at the hump, and 9 feet long.1 (13)
  • Female bison: approximately 1,200 pounds, 5 feet high and 6 feet from nose to tail.
1 (14)

Not actually sure if this is a female, but it’s smaller so we’re going with it!

  • Newborn bison weigh about 50 pounds.
Okay, not a newborn since it already has horns, but definitely a youngster!

Okay, not a newborn since it already has horns, but definitely a youngster!

  • Bison are the largest land animals in the U.S.  
  • Bison will attack humans if provoked and indeed are one of the most dangerous animals in America. DO NOT APPROACH them….especially when they are protecting a calf.
  • Stand back…They can run 65 km/40 miles an hour!
  • Bison live between 20 and 25 years and can adapt to any climate. Snow can settle on their back and not melt! That fur is really well-insulated.
  • Bison are the new “healthy alternative” option on the menu.  Their meat is lower in fat and cholesterol, higher in protein than beef, and supposedly has a much fuller flavour. Notice the signage at the Wooden Nickel Restaurant:

1 (15) Probably a good thing bison can’t read and I’m not going to be the one to tell them!

1 (4)


101 thoughts on “OH, GIVE ME A HOME WHERE THE…..

  1. Great shots and where was this info a few months ago when I was in the wilds of Canada with them?? Yes, I tried to pet them… They don’t like that much at all!! 🙂


  2. Nice captures there 🙂 I think they kind of look fuzzy and huggable… even the horns! Long back on a school trip, we had seen the native version of bison. They looked a little sad in the heat though. These ones are waiting for a party it seems!


    • Fuzzy and huggable were not the first words that popped into my head…LOL. How strange that you have them there too! I imagine they do look hot in the heat. I think these ones we saw were in process of shedding their heavier winter coats, but still……it seems there’s going to be alot of fur left over for the summertime months up here. Might have to pop back and have a look and see if they look sad in the middle of summer!


  3. There is a buffalo farm not far from where I live. Two weeks ago, part of the herd escaped. They swam across the Hudson River, crossed the New York State Thruway and wandered for miles.


  4. Great post! We once moved to a small mountain town in California and the first week came across a bison in the road – he had escaped from a preserve there….
    and here we have bison and elk in a protected area – they do love carrots and will come to the fence for them.
    One for tid-bit……. out last name is Bryson and have been mistakingly called Bison……..
    just saying’

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Not to get all dark and dreary with such a cheerful post, but I am forever haunted by the black and white vintage photos of hunters standing in front of a mountain of bison skulls. Thank God for conservation and that these wonderful animals are with us today. I didn’t know about the buffalo misnomer. So….what is a buffalo? Never mind, I’ll go look it up. Fun post, Torrie.


    • Thanks, Barbara, and yes, I know just what you mean. These guys were in some serious danger of becoming extinct at one point and it is good that steps have been taken to prevent that. However, the idea of a buffalo farm is still strange to me. Very odd. They also had a llama and goats there too. Just a weird day out!


  6. AGNES says:

    Brings back memories,,as a child we would drive to a local county park and visit the “buffalo”. That is what the sign claimed so I believed….now I know ” bison”


  7. You’re talking to someone who’s a little nervous around cows and you want me to mingle with bison?!! They’re big, unpredictable, have horns, AND are SMART?! Run away. Run away!!!


  8. Actually, I knew they were called bison. How about that? Somewhere in the deep, dark ages when I was a wee girl this difference was explained to me and for some reason it stuck. A legacy of our year long sojourn in the USA in my earliest days perhaps?

    Teenage boy. Smart bison. Very, very smart bison.


  9. Yes, I wouldn’t want to be hunting them either! When I went to see my husband’s family in Indiana, we were on a mission to find pigs. I don’t know why but there were none around so we settled for the many cows that we saw. I went out to have my picture taken with them and they all started running away from me, much like the bisons with that teenager. We laugh about that to this day.


    • Hah! I can see you out there thinking a cow is something to have your pic taken beside. Am afraid cows just aren’t brave enough for that, dear Marissa. Alas, as it seems, even the most dangerous animal in North America isn’t brave enough either (not that I’d ever even try mind you!) Have you seen a pig yet?


      • I have but I can’t remember the last time. I think there were some farm animals at a zoo or some barn Halloween event we went to but I can’t really remember. I do remember chickens and goats. I’ll take a pot bellied on as a pet though. They remind me of my daughter!


  10. Emilio Pasquale says:

    It’s really a shame that we look at a beautiful creature like this and think, “I wonder how that tastes”! Yes, I’m a tree hugging vegetarian. But I really have no problem with those who eat meat, as long as they also think about the future of their food supply. (Sorry, I don’t mean to turn this into a soapbox.)


  11. Great pictures and fascinating details, Torrie. What majestic animals! We also have some bison in Poland; in Britain, I have seen one in captivity, but the poor thing looked rather sorry for itself. I must say I’d rather imagine them roaming in the wild. Thank you for another captivating post.


  12. really enjoyed the facts and the great photos – their hair is so clear and you can almost feel the knat and texture. and so does this mean that all the Buffalo beef they serve in Denver is actually Bison meat and not Buffalo meat? either way, we miss Denver for a few things – and the affordable Buffalo/Bison steaks were something in the late 1990’s that was a treat for us.


    • Am glad you enjoyed and yes, I’m afraid that beef did indeed have to be bison meat and not buffalo as you thought. You seem to have stories from everywhere….this time Denver….I think I’ll never keep up with you!


      • yeah, my life involved much moving – and we were not even military – but when I drive into Denver in summer 1993 – I thought I found my heaven on earth and never planned to leave – ever! however, in 2000, my mom had kidney failure and we just felt led to move and be near family on the east coast. But there were other things I realized later – like I was missing the OCEAN so much – and dry, landlocked Colorado will always have a place in my heart – I miss my friends there so much – but I really belong on the east coast – and so does my hubs – his only sibling is in MD and well, that is my story in a nutshell – which looks better in hindsight – and is better – but many of the moves were days that required much faith and patience. 🙂
        anyhow, bison meat is so good – mmmmm


  13. I didn’t know all that about bison! There is a good joke about them that springs to mind …. What’s the difference between a buffalo and a bison? ….. You can’t wash your hands in a buffalo 😂😂😂. Apologies for the poor humour!


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