Just received this from Agnes who wanted to thank everyone for her party!  

Credit Google Images

I am still overwhelmed by my birthday party. It is beyond grasping that in this era we can send out to the world an invitation and the same day so many can attend!  No more Pony Express!

A huge thanks for my hostess big heart. She is quite a lady! I have been blessed with her in my life.  And now my blessings to all of you for my gifts of balloons, food, dancing goat (my feet are still hurting from all the dancing), and the laughter.

Credit Google Images

Credit Google Images

To my friend who asked if I was Polish. No, dear one, Austrian. Pierogie are a Pittsburgh thing….definitely an ethnic city. 

Credit Google Images

Credit Google Images

Once again a big thanks!!

ARC_0132525Now please have a glass of bubbly on me






    • Ah, I’m so glad you popped back over to see. I think you got the ball rolling and then missed the festivities. It was a wild party for sure! But yes, Agnes quite tickled with her party! Thanks again….don’t forget your bubbly!

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  1. tell agnes thanks for the bubbly – and thanks to all actually – because this is the first virtual blog party I have been a part of and I enjoys fit immensely – and now I must leave to enjoy my beverage – ahhh 🙂


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