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Credit to Google Images

Dear Blogosphere Friends,

I need your help!!

One of my “real world” friends is having a birthday TODAY and I have been stumped as to how I might celebrate this day with her while being over 400 miles away. Also creating issue with my celebration is the fact that she is turning 89 years old. I mean what do you buy someone who is 89? She’s already had a full life, married, raised a family, enjoys numerous grandchildren, has bought and sold homes, taken many trips, owned a shop, and generally has everything she needs.  Plus, she’s had 88 birthdays before this!!

I thought of sending a beautiful spring bouquet for her spring birthday. But I sent her flowers last year when she was in hospital and I hate to repeat myself. I did post her a nice card, but that still seems to fall short. Indeed, I have been quite stuck.


Wait, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself! Let me introduce you to my friend.

This is Agnes.


Agnes was a pivotal person after my relocation to Maryland. She was a member of the writing group I joined and subsequently became almost like family in the absence of my own. She took a huge interest in the writings I did for the group and later we began to pal around outside our meetings, talking on the phone, sharing e-mails, laughing our way through various appointments together, and having lunch and milkshakes in town. As I found out pretty quickly, Agnes also came from the Pittsburgh area and was well familiar with my neighbourhood sights and scenes. This cemented our bond even further. Agnes is feisty and fun! She’s also a gentle, thoughtful soul. Her “Pittsburgh Day” lunch when we made pierogies (a Pittsburgh favourite) in her kitchen and feasted on them on her sunporch had to be one of my best days on the Eastern Shore.

Last year, her family planned a huge surprise party for Agnes to which I was invited. I was so excited to see her absolute shock. I’ve never seen a more-deserving person surprised so well. I don’t think she stopped smiling for a week.

And then I moved up here.

And yet, Agnes, being the super cool person that she is, hasn’t let go. We still chat via e-mail and phone and have hopes (as soon as her new iPad is up and running) of Skype video calls to come. She keeps me entertained with her hilarious outlooks, shows interest in all the new things I’m seeing, and even kicks me into gear sometimes when I haven’t written for a while on here because she misses my posts.

Now you’re probably reading this and not remembering…Agnes is 89. How many 89 year olds do you know that can forward e-mails, use an iPad with complete dexterity, make their own calls to tech support, sign up to follow a person’s blog online, and even comment to me on some of your blogs that she’s visited from the comments that you leave on my posts?

She’s definitely an amazing girl and WOW can she write!   In one writing she did for our group with the topic of TRANQUILITY I think she really captured that feeling. Click on the blue link and check it out…. AGNES’ short writing I bet you were surprised, weren’t you? Not bad for an octogenarian, huh?

Actually, it’s probably not a surprise how amazing she is considering the year in which she was born. She shares her year of birth with Queen Elizabeth II, Marilyn Monroe, Miles Davis, David Attenborough, Mel Brooks, Tony Bennett, Chuck Berry, Hugh Hefner, Jerry Lewis, and Michael Bond (of the famous Paddington Bear books). Not a bad crew to come up with, huh?

In that year of 1926, there were also some big firsts. Winnie the Pooh was first published, the first transatlantic phone call was made, the first iconic, bright red phone boxes showed up in London, it was the first time a woman swam the English Channel, and Piccadilly Circus’ first traffic light was installed.

Just thinking about all the changes she’s seen in her life put me at a total loss as to what to do for her birthday. But then…..as I said before…..


Credit to Google Images

An online birthday party with greetings from across the globe!!!!

I mean it’s something she’s probably not had before, right?

And this is where you come in, dear Readers.

I’m asking all of you to sound off in the Comments here with birthday greetings for Agnes. Just for this party, I ask you all to be spokesmen/women for your country/county/state/province and wish her well from your part of the world. I think it will be most exciting for her to see the comments on here and see how many different people in such far-reaching parts will wish her well on her big day!

I mean think of the changes from 1926 to now!

Can you imagine how she will feel to have such a different sort of celebration? 

How often is it so easy to do a good deed and make someone’s day more special?

I’m so excited!!!

I’m really thinking we will bowl her over with our virtual party on here!!!   🙂  

Let’s get things started with a little cake, shall we?

Credit to Google Images

Credit to Google Images

And a few balloons just to get the festive atmosphere rolling……

Credit to Google Images

And yeah, I’m still going to give her a flower too….(just got this shot the other day and I think she’ll really like it).   

4And now I’ll leave the first wish…



110 thoughts on “GO AHEAD! MAKE HER DAY!

  1. Happy Birthday Agnes! Have a super wonderful day. To use a bit of Aussie vernacular: ”Have a beaut day and throw a prawn on the barbie mate!’ (Rest assured, most of us don’t really talk like that all the time.) Best wishes from Cheergerm in Sydney, Australia. 🎂😊

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  2. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    Sending happy birthday hugs and wishes (and chocolate of course, oh I’d NEVER forget the chocolate) to you, Agnes!
    Z (from the Land of Tea and Biscuits *UK*)


  3. Hello Agnes! T did such a great job describing you that I feel as if I know you also! May you have the best Birthday EVER and may you have MANY more! God bless you with all of your heart’s desires. ❤
    cate b


  4. well I was just going to bring this birthday balloon for agnes – but then I read about the perogies and so I thought I would bring a plate of homemade ones for her (virtually of course)

    happy birthday agnes –

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  5. Here’s to you Agnes on your birthday! Many happy returns of the day and hope you get well and truly spoilt. Such a wonderful and thoughtful idea! Thinking of you from Edmonton in Canada 🎊🎉🎂🍷🍹😄

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, Mary! I’m so glad you popped over! Just in time for the arrival of our guest of honour! She’s blown away and so enjoying seeing all these comments! She’s actually been laid up in hospital all week, so this little party is really a spirit lifter she reports! Hooray for us! 🙂

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  6. Happy Birthday, Agnes, and many happy returns of the day! This comes from The English Lake District from a lady most impressed by your talents, energy, vitality, kindness and loyalty to friends. You sound like a truly wonderful person, and I can only hope that you will continue brightening the lives of those around you for AGES! Na zdrowie (this means “to health” in Polish – I’m a Pole).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh what nice thoughts to convey! Thanks for popping over! I’ve just set out the second batch of pierogies and we even have some pie left! Do watch out for the goat though…..she’s into everything (been on the dance floor waayy too long!) 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Happy Birthday, Agnes. I think there may have been some mistake because the person in the picture looks about 39 years young, not the 89 years this birthday is celebrating. You sound like an amazing lady and a great friend. God Bless and here’s to at least 89 more healthy and happy years.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, Eli! Am so glad you stopped by! Better late than never and we NEVER turn away French Toast! Is actually great that you brought that…..we have a few stragglers that need fed! Thanks so much! Be sure and take some of these balloons with you…..will placate the Stormtroopers!

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  8. I’m guessing a belated happy birthday, Agnes, but a happy one I wish for you regardless! And as Torrie illustrated the fact that you feasted on pierogies last year, I can only make the wild guess that there’s got to be a little bit of Polish ancestry in your family genetics. And, therefore, I will pretend to be my entire family belting out the annual equivalent in song.

    Many happy returns from the Old Dominion!


  9. Emilio Pasquale says:

    Wow, I can’t believe I missed the party. Any cake left? I’d just like to say hello to Agnes and give her an open invitation to visit us anytime here in sunny and warm (already hitting 90 today) Las Vegas Nevada! And many more!!!


    • Ohhhh! We missed you, Emilio! Yes, of course we have cake left! Saved two pieces just for you (one for the overprotective wife so she doesn’t take offense! LOL) Thanks for the invite….she may just show up at your door soon!


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