49 thoughts on “THE VERY SCARY MOMENT

    • Actually, I do believe there is a point where you cease to feel the difference…..perhaps it’s the moment when you just go numb. πŸ™‚ In any case…..I don’t intend to be out in it much today at all! Waiting it out……

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  1. Oh yes, I do not envy you East Coasters dealing with this winter. I remember you talking about waist high snow back in the fall. Has it been very bad for you? I remember seeing some winter scenes from you, but no terrible complaints as far as I can remember.


    • Hah! As if I would complain about finally having a proper winter! It has been a most interesting season for me this year…..learning to ski, learning to drive on snow, getting a snowblower…, I can’t say it has been bad at all. I do hear people voicing alot of frustration with winter, but I’m not there……The cold like this, now that I actually could do without. Ugh. But is also quite the experience…..when you step outside it’s almost like there is a total lack of air. Very surreal. Biggest challenge is just keeping our mailbox accessible….snow currently has surpassed the mailboxes; thus, we just be sure to keep the little mailbox door clear of snow so the post can still be delivered.


  2. Oh my goodness!! Sounds like it’s warmer with us than it is with you!! We’re on positive digits at the moment so whilst the sun is melting the top layers, it’s creating ice skating rinks everywhere – I could do with a Zimmer frame! Take care out there πŸ™‚


    • Ice skating rinks, huh? Had heard about that happening up there, but wasn’t sure it actually did! Definitely in the positive numbers today and due for about 6 inches of snow! Will see if I can remember to bring you a Zframe when we meet up at the Falls! πŸ™‚

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  3. It’s been utterly remarkable, hasn’t it? Looking outside, it appears the whole world has been slathered in epoxy glue.
    I’m so looking forward to having all of my pipes working again. Half of the house is off limits water-wise. It’s really been an adventure in daily ablutions.


    • Wow…..we’ve been lucky over here with the have quite a bit of ice damming on the roof though…..can’t wait to see where that ends up in the spring thaw……might just undo all this painting we’ve almost accomplished! Hope your pipes get back to functional very soon!


  4. Emilio Pasquale says:

    I’m sure. The coldest it’s been for us this winter is just around freezing. At 4 in the morning. The weather has gone cock-eyed crazy!


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