Winter has arrived and with it a whole new season of growth.    Nowhere is growth more evident than in my son in the midst of his teenage years. We’ve spent some time in the snow with ski club excursions, trips to see the beaches in winter, and just quiet walks through other winter wonderlands. As I was this autumn, I have again been listening to the conversations of nature when we’re out and about. And again, as in the autumn, my son has been physically too far ahead for me to point out what I am hearing. Kind of hard to catch up with someone gracefully skiing down a mountainside at 100 miles an hour when I’m still in the beginner’s area myself, you know? As it is, I’m still feeling the need to write it all down – the lessons of life I think Old Man Winter could show him right now……

There is a whole lot of world out there for you to discover.
2Get to know your world and the people around you. They are not one-dimensional…..3Just like no two snowflakes are the same, no two people are the same.                  And, like snowflakes, people have their own paths to travel.

Some snowflakes will fall and immediately melt.
Some will be joined with others to make a snowman.
Some will be shoveled into a pile that will last for months!4Some will decorate the trees, roofs, and lawns.

Just remember…the thing about life is –
You never know what’s around the next bend…6Winter reminds us to be cautious –
There is much we take for granted that can easily be gone in an instant.
7No matter how much control you think you have…..
No one is immune to the weather of Life.
You must learn to plan for the unexpected.8But please be aware, even in the most barren of landscapes……there is still colour to behold.9

10Even discreet colours add to the whole.                                                                              Discreet does not mean pointless;
Discretion is the power to add without needing to take center stage.11I know that sometimes things get confusing and you feel all mixed up…..12There are times when your load seems overly heavy…..13Days when your emotions run hot,
14And days when life feels cold.15It’s true, just as man fights nature but never stops it,
There are some fights you’re never going to win…..16Sometimes, you can turn things to your advantage….17But ofttimes, it’s best just to quietly chart your own course. 18You don’t have to be loud to effect great change.
Just because there is silence does not mean nothing is happening;
Silent does not mean weak.19Know that sometimes keeping your own counsel is a good thing,20

And never be afraid to stand alone when you believe in something.21

Sometimes, it takes standing alone to find out who your friends really are – 22And with them you will move forward.23

Winter illustrates that power in numbers – 24And we see that working together can create a totally different vista. 2526Winter also prompts us to remember that there are always new beginnings –
Fresh, clean landscapes,
Just waiting for you to make them yours.27Oh, there will always be more hills to climb,28But there will also be times so lovely, you just won’t believe it!29Where there is a will, there is a way…..
Sometimes, it’s just a matter of looking at something in a new way….

Actually not a Christmas tree but an evergreen in front of a street light!

Actually not a Christmas tree but an evergreen in front of a street light!

But you’ll know when you’ve found your direction…..
It will be the bridge between where you are and where you want to be…. 30



  1. Lovely pics Torrie! It is kind of strange in a great way, the way you choose winter as a season of growth when it is so often described as a time of everything but growth. Here’s to finding a positive spin on everything!


  2. I must be hormonal, that post made me tear up 😦 Thats really lovely, my favourite line “And never be afraid to stand alone when you believe in something.” Beautiful words to illustrate the beautiful pictures. You live in a gorgeous place, and I hate snow lol


    • Yes, that’s exactly it…waiting for its time….I don’t know if you’ve seen my other comment, but I said I actually kind of see all this snow as a curtain just covering the stage while the next act scenery is being put into place. I’m glad you understand!

      P.S. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned before, but I think you have best blog title ever! 🙂


  3. A beautiful and thought provoking post Mrs P. I too love the ‘stand alone’ line. To this Southern Hemisphere chick, snow always looks stunning. However, I know that deep winter does tend to cause some blues so how wonderfully positive to think of the hidden growth.


    • Well, thank you Mrs. Cheergerm! I haven’t gotten to the winter blues yet, but perhaps I’ll make another post about winter blues just for you (will have to scout out some shots for that and I have no idea what they would be right now!) As for that hidden growth…yes, I tend to view all this snow as a giant curtain just waiting to be pulled up so the next act may begin!.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Those pictures are spectacular! We’ve not had proper snow for a few years so I too have major snow envy, even though I know that if it goes on too long I get sick of it. All that shoveling and driving on compacted snow and ice…..

    Still, it is amazing t think how much is going on under all that frozen stuff. The spring flowers must be ready and raring to go underneath it all.


  5. So many people are ready for winter to end, but I like it. I like snow days, and hot cocoa. I like snow and ice. I’m always a little sad when the last of the snow melts. I suppose it’s time we moved north.


  6. my favorite part was the way you paired the sayings – I had to go back twice and chew on the connection – wells one – and I really like what Marissa said above – and your pictures are gorgeous.


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