Out and about, driving through Presque Isle State Park taking in the wonderful winter scenery, this was a very eye-catching sight on our route….so much so that I had to jump out and grab a few pix!  


I’m calling it the Dalmatian Tree until someone tells me different. Unique, isn’t it?

I’m quite curious about the raised black globules on the trunk up into the branches.   I have no idea what they are or why they’re there.

Wish I would’ve gotten closer to get a more concise closeup to share.  Drat!  But a little cropping, anyway, so you can see that they are raised and very textured…..


Any of you amateur tree gurus out there have any knowledge about this?



Winter has arrived and with it a whole new season of growth.    Nowhere is growth more evident than in my son in the midst of his teenage years. We’ve spent some time in the snow with ski club excursions, trips to see the beaches in winter, and just quiet walks through other winter wonderlands. As I was this autumn, I have again been listening to the conversations of nature when we’re out and about. And again, as in the autumn, my son has been physically too far ahead for me to point out what I am hearing. Kind of hard to catch up with someone gracefully skiing down a mountainside at 100 miles an hour when I’m still in the beginner’s area myself, you know? As it is, I’m still feeling the need to write it all down – the lessons of life I think Old Man Winter could show him right now…… Continue reading

THE PROBLEM WITH MEN…(A tale of beauty, much danger, and a teenage superhero!)

1Well, the kitchen refit is done, the drywall dust has cleared, and the final touches made. Hence, we found ourselves with an evening between house projects! I suggested a drive down to Presque Isle State Park to catch the sunset and to see what the beach looked like in winter all covered with snow. Sounds easy right? Lovely way to round off an evening and celebrate the end of the kitchen refit….kick back and relax a little.

Come now…You’ve certainly been following me long enough to know that’s never the case around here! Continue reading