CLIMB EVERY (snow-covered) MOUNTAIN….

1 (1)My bloggy friend, Clare, over at Goat & Kids recently relocated to Edmonton, Canada from the UK. She was going through her relocation about the same time we were going through ours – both of us going from places that have winters to PLACES THAT HAVE WINTERS! It’s actually been quite funny how many experiences we’ve had that have mirrored the other’s and I know I’ve been grateful for her posts just to know I’m not alone in some of the things we’re going through right now in trying to adapt.

Clare’s family seemed to be a bit more up for the whole idea of upending their life than we were. Recently, her family actually created a bucket list of all things Canadian they want to do in the time they’ll be living in Edmonton. One of the things on their bucket list is learning to ski. As soon as I saw that, I knew we’d again be having a parallel experience because one of the things my son has signed on for this year is the SKI TEAM.

Our family has done an annual ski trip since our youngest son was small…


First ski lesson….how sweet is this?

He’s no stranger to skiing but he’s not an accomplished skier by any means. But when we moved here and he heard ‘SKI TEAM’ he signed right up. Being the overprotective, annoying, loving mother that I am…I was absolutely aghast a bit nervous about having my unexperienced ‘skier’ hop on a bus after school with the rest of the team, spending 6-7 hours once a week at a ski resort on his own without me nearby. Not that I wanted to follow him around, mind you (okay, I’m lying).  I only wanted to be there to scope things out and of course be there just in case. So I voiced these concerns to the chaperone that handles the ski team outings and he invited husband and I to be chaperones with him.  This was actually great.  In addition to supposedly keeping an eye on my boy (which, by the way, turned out to be impossible anyway) it also allows us to become a bit more involved in our new area and meet some new people. So now, we all ride the ski bus to the resort each week.

The nice thing about being chaperones is that you ski for free. My husband has been enjoying that perk immensely. Me, on the other hand, even when we went on our annual ski trips, I didn’t ski. I’ve always opted out knowing I’d need a lot more than one weekend a year before I could get myself to the point of being able to hold my own out there on the slopes after two kids and the toll they took on my body. So, I sat on the sidelines and enjoyed taking photographs and joined in during the evening swims or snow tubing once the day’s skiing was done. Hence, on these weekly outings now, (at my ripe old age of 47 and even less agile than when we used to go on our annual jaunts) I’ve been basically prowling the grounds taking photos for the hour I have before the sun goes down and then sitting in the lodge reading my Nook and waiting to catch a glimpse of either of my men to reassure my mind.

But you knew it had to happen. Surrounded by beautiful scenery like this….

1 (2)1 (6)1 (7)

And sitting for 6 hours in a ski lodge full of dozens of busloads of obnoxious excited school kids on a weekend night can only be done for so long before you figure out that injury and age be darned…’re a lot better off outside than in! 

It actually looks quite empty and calm in this shot, but trust me, it’s actually a teenage madhouse – VERY noisy, VERY chaotic, and VERY COLD!

And so…..I put on the boots, I put on the skis, and out I went!

I even sort of took my first selfie!

1 (3)

Yes, jeans. I wasn’t exactly prepared with ski gear….it was an impromptu happening…..Luckily, it was not a freezing cold day that day!

And a selfie with my best friend! (Husband who stood at the bottom of the monstrous slight grade and caught me when I actually went down something of a teeny, tiny slope!)

Married with skis!

I never made it out of the beginning area where it’s almost totally flat and they give people lessons. I’ve not even made a complete stop on my own yet, but I am getting something back in the way of turning, I can get back up a slight grade without help while wearing skis, and I am able to slow down to, if not a stop, at least to the I’M-NOT-GOING-TO-DIE-BY-HITTING-A-TREE point.

So Clare, I wanted to say you’re behind now but I know you’re still laid up with that broken wrist from your own recapturing-youth experience, so perhaps by the time you get to your ski lessons I’ll be able to say I’m able to stop by myself or even just getting anywhere at all. But don’t worry that I’ll be too far ahead…… there’s always the issue of ski lifts (since I’m deathly afraid of heights)!

Credit to Google Image Search

Credit to Google Image Search

44 thoughts on “CLIMB EVERY (snow-covered) MOUNTAIN….

  1. AMAZING!!! …. and a tiny little bit jealous 🙂

    In spite of all the things I’ve done, downhill skiing is not one of them. I figured that at my age, it was too late to even consider trying. Your post made me reconsider … nah, what am I saying!! 😉

    I love the photo with the huge sky. Stunning! As you said, how could you not be drawn in to that beautiful scenery!


    • Come on now, Joanne…..this is your year for new things! If I can do this, you can CERTAINLY do this. I’m not actually sure you can call what I’m doing right now “downhill” skiing..more like moving-from-one-area-to-another and feeling-quite-chuffed-at-remaining-upright-down-a-wee-grade “skiing” at this point…but there is a tiny crack in the window of hope anyway! (BTW….that was one of my favourite photos too!)

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      • You are still way ahead … I have yet to actually strap boards onto my feet 🙂
        I should also mention you are a dozen years younger!

        My thinking is that I’ve managed to make it this far in life without ending up in a cast at some point. Considering how many cycling accidents I’ve had, that’s something of an achievement … and one I’d like to hang onto as long as possible 😉

        I still think it’s awesome you are trying and with these weekly excursions, you will be gliding down the bigger hills before you know it!! Wheeeee!!


  2. You’ve had me chuckling away at the images you’ve created – and I’m mightily impressed you’re having a go! The scenery looks stunning and let’s hope I can replicate this blog with my own attempts when I’m allowed out of my cast! I’ve been watching the Winter X Games this weekend – there’s still time you know!!!! 😄😄😄😄


    • Hah! Glad you were amused…..I’m sure alot of people watching me out there were also amused. Thinking I don’t want to outdo anyone on the Winter Games…..this year anyway I will let them do their thing and feel good about themselves before blessing them with the wonder of me on skis……

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  3. congrats u – and I recently nailed my own skiing down – so woo -hoo – you are almost there. what helped me was really learning how to turn – I had no idea that was so much of it.
    your photos are great too – 🙂


  4. Funny! Yes, skiing, along with many other outdoor activities are not on my bucket list. Quite happy to say I will die never having sky dived, water skied, and all the countless others. However, part of it is, I did actually try skiing, as it was part of the program of a day camp I went to. I ended up falling on my face. It’s hard to take into account that there are a few extra inches in front of your feet! Mind you I was only about 7 at the time. If I tried now I would definitely be much more graceful!! (Yeah right!)


    • Had thought of cross country as well….especially after I saw how I was walking on the skis right after I put them on! 🙂 Alas, I think I’m sticking closer to the lodge where I can get help if I need it! 🙂


    • Eric, your comment made my day! Very astute of you to pick up on that though I had been thinking Julie Andrews instead of Mary Martin. Hadn’t thought of the children at all, but I’m sure you’re right. That photo you like is my favourite from all the ones I’ve taken up there so far. Thanks very much for the feedback!

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    • I heartily agree – this is what winter is supposed to look like and I find it most inspiring. However, I highly doubt my accomplishments dwarf yours….I think we’re just on totally different slopes (excuse very bad ski pun!) I would have much trouble being as witty as you are in your posts about grammar! I just get frustrated and forget to find that humour……I’m working on it though…..


  5. Wow, real snow and winter! Very cool…geddit? You are a brave chick for someone so ancient! (We are virtually the same age…so actually are very young..😁)


    • Got it! My kind of humour! Thanks….I was feeling quite brave truthfully! Almost had to call you on the “ancient” remark, but since you’re almost same age, I’ll just agree knowing that you already know that we feel ancient, but we aren’t really! 🙂

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    • Wow. I’m so glad to hear someone say nursery slopes. That’s what I call them, but everyone here says “bunny hill.” So strange. Anyway, am quite sure I’m not hero material yet…..I could barely see the nursery slope “magic carpet” from where I was. But I’m quite proud of myself anyway…..I almost even looked the part aside from the whole jeans thing……

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  6. It would take me 6 hours just to get to a ski resort…
    It’s extra impressive that you’ve taken this step in the presence of a busload of teenagers. Woot!
    Edmonton is very high on the Geek Cool register. It’s Nathan Fillion’s hometown. 🙂


    • Oh, if you’re going to give me credit do it up right! Not just one busload but MANY busloads….it seems schools far and wide up here all make their way to the ski resort once a week with their teams. So the night we were there, probably 40 – 50 buses were there with teens. Yep, I hadn’t thought of it till you brought it up, but I will take credit for that…..I won’t tell you that the teens wouldn’t be caught dead NEAR the beginner area so it was actually pretty peaceful! 🙂 Edmonton also on my own personal bucketlist…..but who Nathan Fillion is….I guess I better go Google……

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, well, now I’m multibly impressed by your efforts.
        Do you perchance recall me mentioning the tv show ‘Firefly’? NF played Captain Malcolm Reynolds, the lead character. Or Captain Tightpants as the fans like to call him. 🙂


        • Hah, okay then…as long as you’re impressed! Oh, yes, I do remember the Firefly show…..not one I watch (yet) but with a character lovingly referred to as Captain Tightpants, how can I not check this out!? Thanks for the info!

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  7. Having spent the majority of my lifetime in that kind of weather – I don’t miss it at all! It is beautiful tho…I don’t miss scraping windows, plugging in my car, shoveling etc; I went skiing twice in my life; once downhill (the bunny hill in Canada) and once cross country (in Minnesota)- OMG! WHAT A WORKOUT! I was sweating like a hog!! Nope, when I moved to Texas I often said I moved because I was never much of a “winter sport” person. I won’t even go out for my walk when it’s 40 degrees above 0 here. (Much damper cold here though.) All the years I lived up North -not once did I ride on a snowmobile!! LOL

    Glad you are enjoying yourself and breaking new ground (pardon the pun),


    • Oh, my….breaking new ground…..very good pun! It does sound like you’ve had your fill of the winter season. Probably is much better from a distance for you! I didn’t make it to the hill or cross country, but I certainly had a workout! Just trying to keep myself upright was about all I could do….still…..I enjoyed it!


  8. I think that’s incredibly brave of you. Skiing is something I would be curious about, but would never have the balls to try..nope, not ever, not in a million years….nope just nope! So yes, you’re really rather brave lol


  9. Well done you! I love women who defy age or fear or occasionally the screaming, protesting voices waving massive red flags around inside their head. I can’t really say that you qualify on the first example, but in about 30 years you might have a trifecta of wins on your hands.
    I actually know a fellow who only started skiing when he turned 70, and still to this day (he’s now 92) skis around the world–black diamond runs are the norm.
    I can see you following in his footsteps–er, ski tracks. 🙂


    • Hah. I do like your outlook here…..that I only have to try and do something and not actually succeed at doing said something to achieve greatness! Trying it for 30 years though to achieve the ultimate trifecta might be a bit more than I have in me! Am much admiring of your older fellow….am afraid in my own head anyway, black diamonds are for wearing and not to risk life and limb on! I’ll be happy to just keep on trying and perhaps eventually to actually make a good turn or even just stop myself!


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