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Well, even though I’ve gone “award free” it seems I’m the recipient of such a nice honour I’m unable to refuse. Many thanks to Illustrated Moment for presenting me with the first-ever Illustrated Moment Award. If you haven’t checked out this blog, you absolutely must! Its author is so full of talent you won’t even believe it.  Illustrated Moment covers subjects of all kinds and the accompanying illustrations are always perky and lots of fun!  Here’s one of my favourites on 10 steps to becoming an awesome writer!

Lately, the blog author has begun a second blog titledIllustrated Healthand has been focusing on a much more reasonable…indeed enjoyable, approach in educating people about various health conditions. Sounds dead boring, doesn’t it? And truly, when the first video was posted, I saw it and cringed thinking, “OMG, I really don’t want to watch a video about health issues.” But ever the dutiful follower….I clicked on it anyway. Thought I’d watch just enough to leave a clever comment and be done with it. But I was totally sucked right in! Immediately, I had an interest in a health issue and even came to understand how conditions like this happen!

So impressed was I that I even encouraged Illustrated Moment to get these videos into real production and make some major bucks with it. But no…..Illustrated Moment wasn’t interested. Illustrated Moment apparently chooses to educate others with no ulterior motive! Amazing. Anyway, if you haven’t already, you really do need to check out this unique and informative blog!

Along with this award comes 5 questions, of course. I’ll do my best.

1. Why did you first start blogging?
This is covered in my About Page, but basically I never heard of blogging until I was encouraged by my writing group to set up a blog. I was actually astounded to find all you wonderful people on here in this world I had no idea of!

2. Which post did you have most fun writing?
Post I had the most fun with definitely has to be The Shepherd and the Assassin. It wasn’t much fun to live, but actually writing it out to share on here was quite amusing.

3. Everyone has a favourite memory – which ONE word would you choose to describe your favourite lifetime moment?
Really? Everyone has a favourite memory? I don’t know that I can say that I have a favourite memory….There are so many good memories in my mind. But in thinking of them collectively, I think the one descriptor that holds through all of them has to be laughter. My best memories are all of my best people and remembering shared joys along the way.

4. Do you have a blogger in mind to nominate for The Illustrated Moment Award?  introduce them to us!
It seems the Illustrated Moment Award is awarded to “those among us who brighten the blogosphere by making the effort to build a supportive and wonderful community.” How nice to be appreciated! And yes, I definitely have a few people that actually read my blog and make wonderful comments because they want to and not because I read one of their posts (another amazing thought!). It is with my great pleasure that I introduce to this award, Marissa Bergen over at Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth. Marissa has been my #1 commenter since I’ve come to WP and she most definitely fulfills the requirements of creating a supportive blogosphere.   Always, she is one person I can count on to give me feedback on a post (and generally, it’s very positive feedback which I consider a lot from someone with creativity like hers). Her blog is definitely a highlight in anyone’s day. Marissa doesn’t jump on board with these awards and chain posts like I have in the past, so I’m not even asking her to answer any questions. But I do just want to recognize her as the awesome member of WP that she is!

5. What’s your spirit animal?
Okay, I’m going to admit now that I had never heard of a “spirit animal” before this question. However, after a quick Google search and an even quicker online test, I can now report that my spirit animal is a deer. I was a little put off by this at first I can tell you. I had hoped to have something really cool like a tiger or even a cute bear or something, but in reading the description of the deer totem, I have to say I can see traits in me that match this. I don’t know that I agree with the whole idea of this spirit animal thing (based on the fact that mine is a deer), but certainly some areas are there.

Traits of the deer totem include: Gentleness, ability to move through life and obstacles with grace, being in touch with inner child, innocence, being sensitive and intuitive, vigilance, ability to change directions quickly, magical ability to regenerate and being in touch with life’s mysteries.

Gentleness? Not generally a word I would associate with me. I do have the capacity to be gentle and certainly there are times I am gentle, but my gentleness is not the most obvious of my traits.

Moving through life/obstacles with grace? Um, again, not so much. At this point, it’s more of a lumbering gait.

Being in touch with the inner child? Now this one is a definite! This is me. I definitely prefer my small side to being the adult all the time. I’m very approachable to children and enjoy their company immensely probably because I still approach things myself with such a childlike innocence. I’m shocked to the core when I see horrible things in the news and I mostly enjoy movies that have a happy ending without a lot of tension.

Innocence? Definitely. My husband is still surprised by this. Oh, I try to be cagey and suspicious, but really, I don’t generally look for motives in other people and I’m shocked when I find out things aren’t as they seem sometimes.

Being sensitive and intuitive? Again, spot on. Definitely sensitive and easily hurt and I’ve had quite a few experiences that go well beyond intuitive. So yes, this one is true for me.

Vigilance? Yes. If I need to be aware of something (and being a control-freak I always need to be aware of what’s going on) then I’m on top of it 24/7. No question on this one.

Ability to change direction quickly? Yep, it’s definitely there. Though I do absolutely abhor change, if need be, I can be quick-changing to get done what needs done.

Magical ability to regenerate? Um, not sure if this means limbs or not, in which case I would have to say no. But if we’re talking emotional stuff, then it’s there. I’m not quick to heal after a hurt, but I do somehow find a way to keep on going…….

Being in touch with life’s mysteries? I don’t know about “in touch” with them, but I’m always pondering life’s mysteries and trying to make sense of them. I am very open to new ideas and love discussing things we don’t yet understand. So yes, this one I guess holds true too.

So there you go….award questions answered and my thanks again to Illustrated Moment for the recognition but indeed the honour has been all mine!



  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me and for your nomination! I am beyond honored and you totally deserve it for all the support you’ve given me as well, not to mention your fabulous blogs. You know, for what it’s worth, these blog awards do allow you to get to know your fellow bloggers so glad to have read this one on you!


  2. Congratulations!!

    I really enjoyed reading your responses and your spirit animal compelled me to google search and find mine. I think being a spirit deer is pretty cool since I love deer and am always excited when I see one.
    Apparently I’m an owl. Whooo!


  3. I’ve never heard of a spirit animal…I will have to look up mine! Always fun to learn more about you. I agree, laughter holds the place for my favorite moments as well. The illustrated moment award’s definition definitely fits you well! Certainly well deserved. Congrats!


    • Thank you, Chelsi! What nice compliments you do give. I would be most interested to hear what your spirit animal is….I’m still not convinced I’m on board with all this, but it’s kind of fun like reading horoscopes or the weather forecast! LOL.


  4. This was an exceptional post I must say 😛
    Thank you for taking part in my mini-questionnaire. I LOVED reading your responses and to find out that you’re a deer in spirit was super fun!
    Your blog and thoughtful, lovely comments have always inspired me and I hope to keep entertaining you with my offbeat nonsense blog!

    All the best to you and your family! You’re a true winner!


  5. Congratulations, Torrie; a well-deserved award! I’m truly delighted for you. One of the things which strike me about you (apart from your wit) is your generosity of spirit; it’s a pleasure to be ‘around’ people like you – even if only in the cyberspace.


  6. One of the things I love most about reading blogger interviews is the experience of seeing some form of revelation on the part of the writer. It’s almost as if by answering the questions posed to them, you can see the moments of self reflection come to light in self realization. And this can be a beautiful thing.
    The lovely bit about your answers is that your humble introspection is laced perfectly with deft humor. It makes for a truly entertaining read.
    Look forward to checking out Illustrated Health and Marrisa’s blog too. Cheers!


    • One of the things I most love about your visits to my humble blog is the time you take with your responses and how good you make me feel when I read them. Your peak perspective changes my own perspective and puts me in a much better mindset! Thank you so much, once again. I am glad to have entertained the Blogmaster, even if only a few moments!


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