9Chelsi over at catching crawfish “prompted” me with the HAPPY PLACES exchange. Chelsi has an amazing blog filled with lots of fun and chaos. She chronicles life with her husband and three little crawfish (a.k.a. sons) as she tries to keep traditional family values at the core in a very modern world as the only female in the house! One of her posts talked about starting her own family traditions, another post (which really shouldn’t be missed) was her Grinchy-Mom’s Week Before Christmas, and the post that “prompted” me on board to this “tour” talked about her own HAPPY PLACES.

My HAPPY PLACES aren’t usually concrete places, but more abstract “places” in my mind where I take comfort and find joy.

PROGRESS. Seeing progress in my world is the thing that really spurs me on. Having a new house right now and painting everything in sight, the daily progress is easy to chart. But progress comes in many forms….one of my HAPPY PLACEs would be the times my husband and I look back over the past 30 years at the path we’ve traveled and seeing how far we’ve come.

Another “progress” HAPPY PLACE would be when I can see my sons’ growth as human beings. It’s been an amazing journey from the babies they were to the young men they are now. Seeing my older son falling in love was definitely a HAPPY PLACE and was all the happier after the wedding when I got a “free” daughter out of the deal….no weight gain, no morning sickness – yep, that’s definitely a great way to get a new “kid”!

1 (3)1

Seeing my now teenage son in the midst of puberty and taking pride in his developing muscles, his clothes, and his world is definitely becoming more and more of a HAPPY PLACE for me.

1 (4)1HELPING OTHER PEOPLE. One of my greatest joys and a truly HAPPY PLACE in my mind is one I actually have a skill or knowledge to contribute to someone else for their own journey. It’s always a lift to feel needed.

NATURE. New HAPPY PLACEs in my new world here include the times when I can just stand on the beach and take in the magnificence of a sunset.7

And currently, as winter has arrived, I’m enjoying just standing outside and experiencing the quietness of snow falling. 56Both of these remind me of how small I am in the scope of things and also remind me how simple life’s pleasures can actually be.

PHOTOS. Just snapping a pic that captures a mood or a moment. This fills me with a sense of accomplishment and is most definitely a HAPPY PLACE.5 (2)5 (1)

WRITING. Generally, this blog of mine is a very HAPPY PLACE for me. I haven’t had much time of late to be on here doing my own writing, but it has been missed. There is something almost therapeutic about writing down my stories. However, even just keeping up with everyone else’s posts and the interactions that come from that makes here one of my very best HAPPY PLACES.

I do have a couple “concrete” places that I consider HAPPY PLACES.

First would be simply HOME. Four letters that mean so much. I probably never knew just how much until I lived the last year of my life but for me home is a very important HAPPY PLACE. Home is the base that begins my family and where we bring everything to at the end of the day. It’s been a long, long road to get back to “home.”

And inside HOME, is this…4

My place to curl up with a good book. Definitely one of my happy places for a little ME time. What could be better?

Lastly….like probably everyone else in the world, the one place I’m always guaranteed to consider a HAPPY PLACE is Disney World. You can never go wrong with Disney World!5 (3)

Part of taking up this challenge/tour/experience, I guess, is to pass it on to see that it continues.   I actually do have a few people I’d love to hear from on this if they have the time and inclination to contribute!   I pass this tour onto Dorreen at Mother Hen Diaries, Juls over at the Indecisive Eejit, and our Gluestick Mum.   If any of these people have time to participate, I think we’re all in for a treat!

46 thoughts on “HAPPY PLACES

    • Absolutely….will agree with that one. You know, I wanted to bring you in on this one but you seem so different from everyone else’s blog…..I don’t recall ever seeing a personal post like this one would be. Would you be up for something like that?


      • I tend not to really be much of a joiner on these things. I really don’t like ones that are too specific, like where you need to be very specific on answering certain questions or nominating other bloggers. If I could take it as more of a prompt kind of thing and see what I could do with it, that would be great. I always welcome prompts.


        • That’s what I kind of figured…..am just glad to hear from you via the comments and will see what I can come up with in the Prompt Department for you! That might be just my thing….thinking of prompts I’d like to see you do. 🙂


  1. Where to begin? I love how you define Happy Places as abstract locations. Here, here! That means we can always go there, right? So I adore all those pictures but I really got a kick out of the photo of your teenage son. You are very blessed. Hope you’ve settled in now?


    • True enough…I find that carrying my happy places in my head is what gets me through this chaotic thing called Life! Am glad you enjoyed. Settled in? Well……..this week they’re coming to rip up the kitchen…..and the bedroom…..and my office……quite a bit of change going on here for a house that we thought was perfect. Just making it our own I guess…..


  2. I think what’s so lovely about your post is experiencing the massive amounts of gratitude pouring out from every word. Whether you’re talking about your children, your aptitudes, your home or your memories, they all ooze an attitude that is bone deep and truly beautiful. You deserve this joyful life. You have nurtured it and don’t take it for granted. And that, for me, is a genuinely happy thought.


    • I can’t think of a nicer response that I’ve received. I’m overwhelmed with your reply and all I can offer is a heartfelt (albeit insufficient) thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means so much that you picked up on all that in that post and you’re spot on….grateful is me for every drop of happiness I’m allowed.


  3. This is beautiful, Torrie! I loved how you touched on so many happy places! And really, I can relate to blogging being a happy place, but not having as much time for it. I love keeping up with people though! 🙂 I hope you and yours are doing well!


    • We are getting through it, Marla……every day another few boxes gone, and every day a new habit created. Hopefully that’s how it’s going for you guys too! I am really trying to keep up with the reading…..lovely way to wind down at night catching up with everyone else!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, I so enjoyed reading about your happy places! Those things that bring us the greatest joy really aren’t things at all and are more abstract, aren’t they? I especially loved the pictures. Such pure joy on those faces. And right now I’m looking forward to when I can “gain” a child without the morning sickness and extra weight…! Thank you for your kind words as well. 🙂 I’m glad you’re still enjoying the winter there. I think I need a better attitude about the cold and snow.


  5. Ooo I love all your happy places, and then I saw my name at the end and was like, eh wtf! lol I think I would like to accept the challenge though although the way things are there are currently very few happy places but that i guess is the challenge.
    I love your little book nook, shall I call it that, your place to curl up and read looks idyllic 🙂


    • Hah. I love it…my book nook. Makes perfect sense because that’s where I read my Nook! I am glad you are on board for the challenge! I really want to see what you come up with on this one!


  6. Aww bless you, APR!! Thank you so very much for nominating me!! Also, my sincerest and humble apologies for having missed this post out! I don’t know how life managed to whallop me so thoroughly, but here we are! What a touching post you have written here… I absolutely love the pics of your baby boys, and how proud you are of the men they have become. Well done, super mom! You deserve to wear that red cape with pride! And ditto on the best way to gain more kids sans stretch marks… I have gained two whom I love as my very own! I will out together my post asap… :-! Mother Hen


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