The Arrival of GODZILLA

The boy that I married only had eyes for me-
I really don’t know how this now could come to be.

I just never thought that this could happen –
I always thought I was his passion.

But now he is a man with a man’s cravings –
And perhaps he was sick of all my ravings.

After looking high and low, he began to conspire-
A young and attractive model did he desire.

To make you his own, there was no stone left unturned-
Eventually, it took us to a point of no return.

He took the time to learn all about you, each of your talents and prides-
And now recites them grandly to all – those near and far and wide.

Whereas I’ve gradually declined and let him take on more-
You’re there each day helping him wage war.

Filled with purrs and with hums that enticed him right away-
You’re so smart to show such zest for his tasks of the day.

Sleek curves and sharp looks-
Those quickly had him hooked.

Your insatiable appetite and never-changing waistline-
They beat me by far.

I’m afraid, looking back-
That I’ve gotten much too slack.

Each day I can see his affection has grown-
He even rented a truck just to bring you home.

He eagerly asked for pictures beside you-
A most willing partner in this new pas de deux.

And though I’m not so sure I’d relish it myself-
He calls you Godzilla, a name he chose himself.

I know you’re counting on winter to propel this affair-
And so far, I admit, it has done so with flair.

Not a complaint can I make when in mornings he runs to you first thing-
And of course loyally you greet him making his heart sing.

Home from work he comes and again to you he goes-
This happens each and every single time it snows.

A long winter this is supposed to be –
I sit here and wonder if he’ll ever come back to me.

However, I know in the thaw of spring-
To the shed you will go and new hope this will bring.

Perhaps then he’ll remember-
This whole marriage thing!

I was only going to post a picture, but in this case, I think this little video clip from his first night with “her” gives the full effect of the romance going on……wait for the enamoured smile toward the end.


59 thoughts on “The Arrival of GODZILLA

  1. Brilliantly written!! Do you hire him out as I’ve got a drive covered in snow which i could do with clearing?? My husband is still on a snow shovel, but guess its only a matter of time ….. !!!


    • You are so sweet…I actually never think to write in verse but this one just happened this way……very strange….might be the influence of all Marissa ‘ s verses??? but nowhere near her level!!!


  2. Ah, this one was truly snort-worthy! I loved it. You’ve got some terrific comic timing. And I’ve missed your writing. It’s lovely to see you’re returned. Maybe it’s a little extra alone time to be creative? Might not be such a bad thing. 😛
    Happy New Year to you. And here’s to a winter of just enough and not too much! Cheers


    • Hah! Thank you…am overwhelmed with your response. Definitely getting a few moments here and there while he’s out playing with his new toy…and yes, just enough and not too much would be lovely. Happy New Year to you (and Rob!) as well!


  3. Oh my, how did I miss this?! I’ve been looking for your return, and it slipped right past me. The wait did not disappoint, however, as this is simply brilliant (though it did have my heart in my throat at the start). I’m so very glad you are back. 🙂


    • Hah. I can’t say I’ve “returned” as of yet, but this one had to be done. I’ve had a prompt from another blogger and I’ve been trying to get that posted for a few days now, but being away so long, I’m a bit slow in getting the layout to set right! Will get there. But am glad you enjoyed this one…..Godzilla has been quite an experience around here for sure!


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