One-Liner Wednesday

I am again taking part in Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday.

My one-liner this week is part of my resolution to be more forthcoming in telling people what I most enjoy about them.

A compliment is only a thought until it is given.


42 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday

    • You know, I think it’s original, but I can’t be sure. I woke up with this thought in my head this morning and have no idea if I saw it somewhere or just came up with because I’ve been working on being more forthcoming about the good things I think about people. Anyway, yes, I’m still surrounded by boxes, still knee deep in decisions that need to be made, and going into the holiday madness…’s certainly going to be a year to remember someday…..right now, I anxiously await the turn of the new year. I am keeping up with the reading as I’m sure you know, but I fall into bed every night and don’t even remember putting my head on the pillow. I’ll be back…things are just taking somewhat longer than I expected they would…..omg. Thanks for noticing though… made me feel great when I read your comment and you implied I’d been missed. 🙂


        • You know, after you noticing my lack of posting yesterday, I was ready to seek you out and cry on your shoulder…and now you come up with the answer to why I really haven’t been feeling the creative flow lately. I thank you so much for pointing out that the creative process does get somewhat bogged down with all the mayhem over here. I’m in so deep, I couldn’t even see that for myself…I thought I was just losing interest. Thank you! 🙂

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    • What goes around comes around, dear Agnes….you buoyed me up more than you will ever know. The best part about living on the Eastern Shore was definitely the people, and of those people, you are definitely Top Gun!


    • Thank you, Deborah, and you’re absolutely right…with no cost to us, how can we not? I’m aiming toward letting people know good thoughts or feelings I have toward them for certain things instead of just having good thoughts and keeping them to myself where they do not do the greatest good.

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