So here we are a week later.

I am now posting my own story as I wrote it before I posted it last week as a prompt with no words.   Sparrow guessed my news having just been through it herself, but no one came up with a story or even tried to match mine.  Not quite as exciting as I had hoped and definitely not a blogging-in-tandem adventure, but am posting my completed story just the same… 

 Finally, Life was starting to calm down.


We actually had some time to relax and begin to try and process all that’s happened in the past year.  

1 (1)I was even posting fairly regularly on my

1 (5)

But of course, people like me aren’t content with that.

People like me start thinking.

1 (16)

I began

1 (11)

And then I got the….

1 (15)

I started to look around.

1 (24)

I just wanted to know what was out there and maybe get acquainted with the market up here. But of course, looking around aimlessly doesn’t really tell you much. I needed to figure out what sort of range I should be looking at.

I noticed there were a few open houses the next weekend. So we decided to go and just have a look.

1 (12)

Perhaps get acquainted with some of the layouts and issues of houses in this area.

It was just a look.……really.

Just ruling out neighbourhoods and stuff like that. 


1 (3)

This house that seemed like it was MADE just for us.

It had so many things in common with our last home..It was just uncanny.  

We didn’t mean to find it. 

Really we didn’t.   


We HAD to have it.

Which meant….
Making an agreement,

1 (14)

Meetings with the money people,

1 (3)

Signing a ton of papers,

1 (5)

Sending in an inspector,

1 (2)

Making a list,

Checking it twice,

And trying so hard to get all the pieces to fit together.

1 (4)

The snowball effect had begun.

1 (25)

By this time, we were back under a lot of stress….
Everyday again seemed like another day we were trying to keep each other going…..


And yet, so far, we are finding the answers to everything that comes up

1 (2)

Sometimes, it takes some

1 (10)

Other times, it takes

And when all else fails…..

In the end, though….all we’re hoping for is the big stamp of approval

1 (18)

So that we can finally come in for a landing.

1 (21)

And then we’ll probably spend our winter….

1 (23)


Credit, once again, given to Google Image Search.



  1. Oh, nice! Well I knew the house buying fell into it. Definitely a bit thrown by the whole CPR thing. That Sparrow is so intuitive. And my apologies for not finding my own prompt out of this. My son’s birthday just passed so things have been hectic.


  2. Brilliant!! Funny how life can take a different turn when you least expect it! I’m finding it hilarious we’re both experiencing exactly the same things just in totally different countries!!!!


    • As I was just reading yours about kids and schools, I was sitting here thinking ‘Gee, I could be saying same thing about how my son has adapted to his new school.’ How very strange it is that we are living such parallel stories right now!

      Liked by 1 person

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