Another weekend on the bikes….


We were due for rain Saturday but it never showed up so we headed out to see if we could catch some of the fall colours before they fade. However, autumn doesn’t seem to have taken a firm grip here and the scenes were not yet ripe. This is not to say it was a wasted outing. If I’ve learned anything in the past year, it’s been that sometimes, even though I’ve laid these very great plans, Life has other ideas and I don’t end up doing what I intended to do when I set out. I’ve also learned there’s not much you can do in that case except go with it. So that’s what I did on Saturday. I did manage to get some of the fall colours I wanted, but the impending storm-that-never-happened actually drew us over to the beach side of the park to witness the awe-inspiring waves crashing about and the full cover of clouds above. It was at once, forbidding and inviting.

As I was snapping away with my camera and then riding along again, I couldn’t help but notice my son, obliviously riding ahead on his own bike and really missing a lot of the scenes that were stopping me dead in my tracks. I thought to myself that this is the difference between the young and their elders….the young just go full steam ahead asking, “Are we there yet?” always anxious to move on to the next horizon whereas we adults have already put in our time running from one thing to the next and now have learned to step back and enjoy the ride more.

Perhaps, after this past year and all the changes we’re still going through over here, things are resonating with me in a different way in my head this autumn. Perhaps, I’m just getting older.    But for whatever reason, I’ve been unusually pensive. In any case, as a parent, I always feel the need to keep teaching and trying to expand my son’s outlook. Yet, with him riding 50 yards ahead of me on a bike at a speed I couldn’t hope to match, there really wasn’t much opportunity for conversation. Nonetheless, it was still going on in my head…What I heard nature saying that I felt I’d tell him if only he’d slow down a bit…..


Sometimes along the way through life things will be PICTURE PERFECT1

And yet….in the background CHANGE is happening every moment.2
Sometimes things are going to FALL apart3









And often the way to go will not be CLEAR.4Some paths will seem very EASY5At times the road will be ROUGH and seem UNENDING,

8And almost always, there will be OBSTACLES you didn’t count on.6

Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re swimming UPSTREAM.9                                            You’re going to get WORN OUT                  10                                                                     And you’ll even feel like GIVING UP11                                                                           But you must KEEP ON SWIMMING!12






                                                        Slow down and NOTICE the journey…..sometimes it’s the most beautiful part.13 PAY ATTENTION so you don’t miss the hidden treasures,14LOOK for the un-mined gold along the way…it’s all yours.

7There are always going to be moments you just have to HANG ON and HOPE,15

When you just have to CLING……16

…to the CONSTANTS… 17








…and maybe even strike off in a completely NEW DIRECTION.18











This means realizing there is MORE THAN ONE WAY to get what you need,19Remembering that MANY parts make up the whole,20

That every scenario has many LAYERS, 21And sometimes just STEPPING BACK a bit gives the best view of what’s ahead.23

   Know that there are REWARDS at the top of every climb.

Sometimes they are small and
Sometimes they are large,
But they are always there.


There will be times when you feel the need for a little SOLITUDE to recharge yourself.

25PEACE is as easy as this, if you take the time to look.

Don’t be scared to be DIFFERENT – Celebrate it.  Different is the new cool.


Hold on for the people who accept you warts and all but still rejoice in the MAGNIFICENCE of you.

Know your own STRENGTHS,
Never underestimate your own POWER,

28And always nurture your CURIOSITY.

29Of course, none of this was shared on our outing.  Maybe another day my legs will forget they’re on the other side of 40, get a burst of energy, and I’ll manage to catch up with him or maybe he’ll slow down for a bit at some point.   Perhaps then, I can point out a few “conversations” along the road we’re sharing at that moment.  Just a few will be enough, I think.  After all, that’s what parents do…..encourage new paths for them to discover on their own, right? 

But for now, this is my road and I’m happy to just keep listening. 

70 thoughts on “SELECTIVE HEARING

    • Oh, thank you so much! I was out there on Saturday and all this just came into my head. Instead of just photographing scenes, I was photographing scenes and having a conversation all at the same time! Like I said, unusually pensive. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, the fish thing was tricky I will admit. We were probably there 30 minutes watching them all try over and over to get upstream. A very weird phenomenon to be sure. As it turns out, they never even make it with all this effort. The State has to come in and transport them upstream. Anyway, took quite a few misses before I got these ones. I’m glad you appreciated them! And thank you for always having such insightful comments!


  1. Agnes. Watko says:

    Oh, this needs to be published, I would be proud, one day, to claim I knew this famous author, P.s, just do not wait too many years…………have a good week, your admirer, Agnes

    Sent from my iPad


    • You are so sweet. And we’re mutual admirers of one another. Now….are you saying I better hurry up because I’m old? 🙂 Thank you for your high praise, though, it means alot!


  2. What a wonderful post! Great pics and incredible words! 😀
    and I am a little jealous – out fall colors are a little slow this year……. some years it’s a dud – I hope it will surprise me.


  3. Miriam says:

    Beautiful- the pictures, the words, the imagery, everything. I think that perhaps our kids do learn these lessons from us, even without words. They won’t think about some of these concepts yet, but the modeling that we do will become part of who they are.


    • Yes, I think you are probably right. I think I was feeling the need to put this out and he wasn’t very cooperative (though to be fair, he had no idea all this was going on in my head). Anyway, hopefully, he’ll come to these sorts of things on his own…if not by reading this, or me actually catching up to him on the bike, then I’ll hope for osmosis! 🙂


  4. Oh wow. Just wow. Freshly Pressed coming your way with this one!! Also, can I be your next door neighbor?? As far as “that’s what parents do?” You’ve rejuvenated the mother in me and I’m taking my ten year old on a bike ride this afternoon when he gets home from 4th grade. Bless you!


    • You’ve made me laugh again over here. I highly recommend that bike ride though….it’s just a wonderful family kind of thing, you know? We’ve really gotten into the whole bike ride thing the past couple of years…one thing we can all do together and yet at our own tempo. Thank you so much for your OTT flattery, LMM, you really make my day.


  5. Yes! Beautifully done! Although the conversations maybe be few and far between, your actions are speaking loud and clear. I’d like to think that’s what our children will remember most. Onward and upward!


  6. Gorgeous pictures to go with the philosophical thoughts 🙂
    It looks like you had a spectacular day for capturing both colours on trees and fabulous ocean waves.


    • It actually was a spectacular day for that much to my surprise…..I thought the impending rainstorm (that never happened) was going to kill the whole thing, but instead just made it even better! Thanks, Joanne!


  7. A valued treasure trove of imagery and words for your son at a later time when he can absorb the magic and magnificence of a “Mom’s” pensive moment. Paintings through a lens – perfect!


  8. What superb photos and a fantastic way to tell such a lovely conversation – I love the approach! Apologies too – my PC skills have obviously clicked on the wrong blog & I ended up reposting your last blog by mistake – sorry! Saying that, they were absolutely wonderful pics….. it’s a part of the world definitely worth visiting 🙂


  9. Beautiful fall! I just love the scenery and the wise lessons you shared that nature is so subtly telling us. I’m vicariously enjoying your bike rides through your beautiful corner of the country. 🙂


  10. I am not as young as your son, but a young one still. Perhaps I am in the in between, sometimes wanting to simply rush ahead, and then others remembering to take in the beauty. I LOVED every bit of this wisdom. Thanks for sharing this.

    Also, beautiful photos!


    • Nothing wrong with being an inbetweener…..I think I’m still somewhat of an inbetweener (God knows I can certainly plonk down money fast enough at the sales when I see something I can’t resist….probably would be better not to be rushing ahead then!) but I see myself slowing down here and there now. I think after 2 kids and almost 30 years of marriage, I’m ready to just stand back a bit and enjoy watching what I’ve begun. It’s a different and quieter perspective and one I’m not totally into yet like my mother, but I’m feeling it out a bit. But then I get inspired again that I don’t want to be left behind so I go snow tubing or roller skating and remember then why I’m kind of ready to step back a bit…’s seesaw……thanks for your comments….I’m glad you enjoyed.


  11. Torrie, this was absolutely brilliant. What a story, what life lessons, what a fantastic mom–I could go on, but I’m guessing you’ve got my point. I’m also guessing that the bike ride was more than a bike ride to your son if he was on the same path you were. Maybe he was left with a few things that will burble up to the surface eventually. We can always hope, but while we wait to find out, you’ve made a brilliant message that I hope you’ll share with him. A catalog of memories and their “meanings” for the ride you shared that day.
    Truly beautiful.


    • I am overwhelmed by your comments. I don’t even know how to respond. I so hope you’re right that he gained things that will burble up eventually and yes, this blog is shared with him at times… remains to be seen, I guess, if he gets anything out of it other than knowing that he’s warmly loved…but even that’s enough, for now. Thank you so much for all this….you have warmed my soul with this and given me so much hope that I’m on the right path!


  12. I love your post!!!! The pictures are amazing and the words go perfect. I’m inspired by your work to slow down and take some pictures. Thanks for sharing your work.


    • Oh! Thank you so much. I’m glad you’re inspired to take some pix…..let me know if you get anything good….pix are tons of fun I think and I love to look at everyone else’s too! Am grateful you popped over for a look at my little home here on WP!


  13. Reblogged this on Red Said What? and commented:
    Guest bloggers put it out there:

    A.PROMPTreply SAID WHAT?…Selective Hearing

    Blogger buddy, A.PROMPTreply shares life lessons with her son, masterfully marrying words with photographs. I hope you’ll take a look. Here’s to autumn, to our loved ones, and to life!


  14. Groovy, love the scrolling statements and pictures, I also liked what you said in the paragraph at the top about your son racing ahead and the connection to elders, funny how we slow down and appreciate the small things as we get older


    • Oh, thank you so much for letting me know that you enjoyed. It really is true how much we do step back as we get older….sad thing is, if I keep slowing down as much as I have the past few years, I’m going to be standing still pretty soon! Gotta keep moving while we admire the small things! (Bikes good for this).


  15. When teaching young children, I go by the theory that it is the process and not the product that matters. I think this is true for a lot of things, even life! Great post.


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