So the dust is beginning to settle for the moment and we just had our first weekend off in about 7-8 weeks from moving stuff out of  one place and into another.    We’re in a new place and have been happily enjoying the fall weather up here with our bikes.

I have decided that my About page needs a fresh look to coincide with the new location and new style of the blog (i.e. not all prompts).    Hence, I have been busy taking quite a few pix on our bike trips around the state park here.  However, my usual crew of picture viewers (husband, kids, parents, co-worker, other writers from my group) all seem to be divided on which picture should be used.  It’s actually kind of strange….the women all pick one or two and the men generally pick a completely different one.  So I thought a nice way to share with you a bit of what I’m seeing up here and get a new look for the About page would be to post the final few pix we’ve narrowed it down to and ask for your feedback.   Am hoping that perhaps it will be a bit more obvious which picture should be used.

So, without further ado……

1       32          63



          5                 46          17        2
Which do you think?

UPDATE (09/25/14):   The new About page is up and running!   Thanks for your votes!


48 thoughts on “A CHOICE

    • I went out for a while right after I posted this and came back to a bunch of responses. Reading through them so far, I think you’re the only one that’s picked that one and I quite liked it too! 🙂 Thanks for response!


  1. They’re all beautiful photos. I love 1, although 5 is very lovely too!
    The inner Literature student in me is screaming number 1- The footprints in the sand seem very symbolic of new direction and progression. It also reminds me of a beautiful poem called ‘Footprints in the sand’.
    Really hard to decide, they’re all excellent photos 🙂


  2. I am a fan of #4 (beach sand) and #7 (sunset behind clouds), though #3 is gorgeous as well. I love the detailing of the bark. I actually prefer the sand picture most as the sun appears to be at mid-day (kind of like where we are in our lives, my twin!), whereas the sunset (second fave) reminds me of being at a different spot in my life. I like to think we have plenty of sun left in the days of our lives… 🙂 But then, you know how I think in metaphors.


    • Hah! Tree pic is my own favourite. I love that bark. It looks incredible on desktop. Thanks so much for feedback here. I love to hear your thoughts like this..reminds me I have kindred spirit out there.


  3. What fantastic pics! My favourites are the first 3, and my only words of advice would be to ask which one sums up what you want to be putting in your blog? As they say ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. That said, my other suggestion would be not to confine yourself to one pic, but to rotate the pics on your ‘About’ page so it’s always fresh perhaps? Just a thought from across the pond …..


    • Okay, Joanne. I especially appreciate your comment since I’ve looked at so many of your own photos and enjoyed your perspectives. Thank you so much for the vote. Goat and Kids does have good idea and I’m seriously thinking on it. Seems a good way to share my latest and give people a little more insight into my world here!

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    • Thank you….it seems to be the running favourite by far! Appreciate your comment….I’m so bad at choosing between my own pictures…..they’re like my children…how could I choose just one? 🙂


    • Thank you so much. Your compliment means the world! Ah, yes, the sailboats,…I was quite chuffed about that one when I got it. Though now with your comment, you’ve made me scared to change it! (Just kidding….I think). Thanks for the vote…giving 6 and 7 another tick!


  4. The outstanding wife says:

    Okay, for what it is worth – 2, 3 and 7 are my favourites. Although 2 seems a bit lonely, which is partly why I love it. 3 has such warmth. 7 is just stunning in a very thought-provoking way!


    • Well, it’s worth alot to me! That tree pic really is so warm. Everytime I see it I think the only thing that’s missing is someone kicked back under the tree reading a good book! Thanks for feedback! Much appreciated and I have ticked the boxes….


    • I was thinking I would let this go until tonight. A full day and a bit of responses and go from there. Problem is, the actual picking of a picture means I’m also going to have to take the time to do the writing for the About page update too and I just haven’t gotten that far! 🙂 Anyway, this will propel me. Thanks for the feedback…..I value your artistic eye!


  5. Yikes, undecided between … 1 and 4 …1 gives me peace and tranquility….4 remind me of the beauty of age, that bark did not grow overnite….also, has anyone noticed the little ones by the water..


  6. A delicious dilemma for sure, but ultimately, your choice is absolutely fetching. I hope it draws thousands of eyes and much appreciation.
    And here’s to those brilliant fall bicycle rides. Enjoy the transitioning season as you transition your lives. Cheers


    • Excellent…as you probably saw, this one did make it onto the About page, so you’re right up there with all the people that voted it onto there! Actually, if you’d made it here in time to vote, that might have been the winner….there was only 1 vote between them as I recall. Anyway, thanks again for popping over!


    • Thank you, Cate. And this happens to me all the time….for whatever reason, people just “fall” off my reader and I’m not following them anymore. It’s so strange. At some point, I realize I haven’t seen a post for a while and I go looking for them and that’s when I find out. Anyway, glad you’re catching up! I miss your comments!

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