I consider the time when I was young THE WONDER YEARS. My parents were my GUIDING LIGHT and our MODERN FAMILY was a PARTY OF FIVE. We lived in a rural area with MAYBERRY values and strong FAMILY TIES. I remember late-night viewings of CHILLER THEATRE with my dad and THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JOHNNY CARSON. Definitely THE GOOD WIFE while Dad went to work at THE OFFICE, Mom was THE LONE RANGER employing DIFF’RENT STROKES for different folks keeping everyone moving where they needed to be. She ferried three kids to basketball practices, band concerts, football games, Cub Scouts, Brownies, piano lessons, gymnastics, Bluebirds, and summer camp drop-offs and pickups. She also handled FAMILY MATTERS for our little DYNASTY as she kept a watchful eye on us – the YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. She dealt with our GROWING PAINS and came to our rescue when we were in JEOPARDY. But sometimes, following the leads of BARNABY JONES and REMINGTON STEELE by asking 20 QUESTIONS, Mom would tell us, “DON’T PRESS YOUR LUCK” or “WAIT TILL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME.” Mostly though, we had lots of HAPPY DAYS surrounded with many GREEN ACRES living between a golf course and a state park as we did. We walked to the pool, rode our bikes around the neighborhood, climbed trees, and made friends with our NEIGHBOURS’ kids in the summers, and rode our sleds and built snowmen in the winters.

My middle and high school years were filled with many GREAT PERFORMANCES as I played in 3 school bands and an orchestra on the weekends. I also had much fun taking music lessons and playing in the handbell choir at church. There were lots of GOOD TIMES in these years.

Somewhere in here, THE FACTS OF LIFE finally started to make sense to me and I entered THE DATING GAME. After spinning the WHEEL OF FORTUNE, I ended up with a boy that was my polar opposite and THE ODD COUPLE we became. HART TO HART we were and pretty soon he said, “I’m MAD ABOUT YOU.” We then became THE HONEYMOONERS playing THE NEWLYWED GAME. Once we figured out that IT TAKES TWO, it was time to CALL THE MIDWIFE (or in our case a TAXI) and welcome our first son. CHEERS!

A few years later, we outgrew our little apartment and it was time to buy a house. After looking around for quite a while, we finally found a wonderful old house with plenty of room for our family to grow. That’s when we began to play LET’S MAKE A DEAL. At last we felt THE PRICE IS RIGHT and asked DEAL OR NO DEAL? So THIS OLD HOUSE became our new house and we moved right in. HOME IMPROVEMENT was the theme of our next few years, my husband morphing between BOB THE BUILDER and MR. BEAN.

A few years later, we headed for the GENERAL HOSPITAL at the EDGE OF NIGHT for the birth of our second son and officially became MARRIED…WITH CHILDREN. So began my WONDER WOMAN years with my very own LASSIE, two cats, two sons, and a husband. I began to feel I was living with ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL in a WILD KINGDOM. It truly seemed like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE dealing with the needs of three males who all sometimes had the manners of ALF while doing the soccer mum runs, lunch packing, meal planning, doctor visits, and housekeeping of a very large place. I had to take things ONE DAY AT A TIME. Some days I wanted to just hop on the LOVE BOAT, head for FANTASY ISLAND, or even just go to DALLAS. Other days I simply wished for a LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE. Imagine if you will one son like DOOGIE HOWSER, M.D. who always made you ask yourself, “ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER?” and the other son more like MORK FROM ORK, who in the midst of the Terrible Twos and his INCREDIBLE HULK moments made us sure he would end up on AMERICA’S MOST WANTED. It made 60 MINUTES seem like 48 HOURS, but it was ALL IN THE FAMILY and we were BEWITCHED by THE GOOD LIFE on this 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN.

We’ve ended up here now for the time being. Who knows what will come next in our FAMILY AFFAIR? We’re only given ONE LIFE TO LIVE and perhaps that’s a very good thing. My most fervent hope for the future is that when God looks back on my HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN he doesn’t just think it was just a performance on THE GONG SHOW!

These are the DAYS OF OUR LIVES.



    • Hah! Thank you for checking it out! Glad to hear I am not the WEAKEST LINK and instead SOMETHING SPECIAL! Can’t wait to hear if you get to be THE APPRENTICE or if you’ll have to go into PRIVATE PRACTICE!


  1. Sasha says:

    I love how you incorporated all these shows into your story!! So creative and kept me entertained while living your childhood days with you!


    • Thanks, Sparrow! Nice of you to stop by and take the time to read! Appreciate it! (Never knew how many shows there actually were in my head till I wrote this! Kind of amazing actually!)


    • Thank you for reading……actually I’m almost ashamed of how many of those shows were in my head…..I don’t even have cable TV in my house now and haven’t for years….I watch only DVDs (avoiding commercials and choosing what I view) so it was very strange to see how much I actually still had in my head after all this time……adds up fast! But it was a fun piece…….I have to work hard to find a different perspective than the rest of the group who are all retired and can kill me with history they’ve lived and I haven’t, so I’m always looking for a different spin on things……


    • Oh, thank you so much! What a lovely compliment! But now I AM JEALOUS! You published a poem? Is it on your blog? Can you share it, if not? Obviously your talents just stretch on and on and on…….


  2. Okay you! Do you take requests? Do another post like this with movie titles and song lyrics! We are definitely from the same generation! By the way, I used to do this with candy bar wrappers and make greeting cards for people. “Dear Mr. Goodbar, Even though men are from Mars, your friendship is worth more than 100 Grand. Memories of you stay in the Reece’s of my mind! Kisses & Hugs…. Stephanie”. Bad example but you get idea. Loving your posts Oh Clever One!


    • Oh, yes. I love challenges and requests! I did one from Gluestick Mum (Shepherd and the Assassin!) and had quite a fun time with it! Yes, your request is accepted. I’ll work on it. Thank you for this! Always great to have a prompt out of the club! (And thank you for so many wonderful comments and taking the time to read my blog….I am so flattered you took the time!)


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