A writing about my best asset. Okay….they want me to brag? They want me to write about this without bragging? Wow, this is such a weird thing to write about.

I have looked up the word asset to get a true definition to work with for this writing. The definition of asset varies, but the one I choose to use is, “an advantage.”

Have now asked a few others in the group about their intentions relative to this writing. Getting a lot of funny answers including one member who asked her family members what her best asset was and she was told that her best asset was slowly flattening as she sits on it over the years! Lots or people saying their family is their best asset which of course was my first thought too. Tried writing about my family being my best asset and covered 2 pages without even getting started. Am going to assume that of course everyone knows I have best family ever and could never hope to come up with any other asset to match what they bring to me.

Perhaps I should write about how organized I am. I have always been good at organizing! Consider the proof…. I am in love with boxes and containers of any kind to organize every single thing in my house. Everything must have a place and the place must not only fulfill the purpose, but also look good. Another example….a couple of years ago, I spent over 6 months patiently scanning and digitally organizing family photos from every available source I could find to make a digital history for the whole family to enjoy that now contains over 33,000 pictures, videos, and documents.

But…be honest here…..the minute you had that second child 12 years after your first, you gave up the title of Mrs. Organization. You might be capable of being organized at times, but organized you no longer are.

Instead, I should write about my attention to detail. Yes, I am all about details and being detail-oriented is definitely an asset! Think about it…I could write about how a simple vacation has never happened with me doing the planning – trips take months of research to ferret out every available option and find the best deal. Or, I could tell them shopping with me is a nightmare….I don’t want malls; I want to be online where I can compare and consider the options and various prices the world over and read a million reviews before I make a decision. Well, other than the fact that these two “great” stories include the word “nightmare” and show how complicated you make things, it just might work but….probably not your best idea.

Okay, maybe I should write about how I love to control things and how big an asset this is. Yes, this is good. I could talk about when I order something online and get a tracking number, I can tell you any day at any moment, where my item is, how long it will take to arrive, and even which post offices are the ones where it will get hung up. Or, I could illustrate my need for control by saying how I want to know where everyone is, what they’re doing, when they’ll be back, who they’ll be with, what will happen in a day, and plan for all the contingencies they might hit along the way. I live in horror of even the slightest deviation from the sensibly plotted paths I create for me, my family, and friends. Except……my control issues drive people insane. Probably not your best asset when your kid calls you a DEBT NAZI when you’re trying to teach him the dangers of credit cards or when they roll their eyes and mutter something about OVERPROTECTIVE MICROMANAGER when you keep tabs on their comings and goings. Okay, x-ing that one out too.

Am thinking I should say being a neat freak is my best asset. I really am into having things in their place and knowing where I can find things at a moment’s notice. It’s part of that whole organization thing I spoke of earlier. Yes, being a neat freak is a good thing especially when you have as much to remember as I do. But…..remember when Lucy came over the other day and you once again hadn’t gotten to the housework? Remember that feeling of absolute mortification when you realized she was sitting there on the couch and her first impression of how you live was seeing that you hadn’t yet swept the carpets and had disorganized stuff all over the dining room table waiting to be put away? Recall that piece you wrote for writing club talking about how hard you tried to get the housework done, but even in that piece you never actually did get it done? Right. Not going to write about being a neat freak.

Well, when all else fails, I go to the one person who always has the answers. I asked Mom.

With the luck we’ve been having lately starting with the simultaneous pipe breaks in two states and including last week when my husband hit a deer at the beginning of the week and I was diagnosed with a tooth infection and in need of a root canal at the end of the week and the week before that when the heating system broke down in our rental home and I got a rock in my windshield on the turnpike, she seems impressed that I’m still standing. She says my best asset definitely has to be my positive attitude. Like that idea. Positive attitude. Very good. Except….I don’t seem to exhibit any signs of actually having a positive attitude….generally I sit in various states of shock trying to figure out how I got here and who upstairs I got angry at me to end up in this boat! Okay, so skipping this one too.

So, am not getting very far at all. Have thus far figured out that I am not positive, no longer organized, not neat, a nightmare to shop with, evidently live under a black cloud, and a major control freak. Actually, looking back on things, perhaps I should write about how my best assets are my insurance companies!



  1. Assets, eh? I don’t know you personally to suggest something specific. But I think if you approach it from another angle you might find just the right thing. Choose something that you can tell a story around. How a single toss of your gloriously groomed locks caught the attention of the boy that all the other girls coveted. Or maybe you farted in an elevator with a bunch of strangers one time and some witty quip about it helped you save face and you realized how your sense of humour was a tremendous asset to you at that time. Find your story and you will uncover the asset.


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