Well, my blog isn’t shiny and new anymore, but it is still my first one.  I’m really glad you stopped by!

I actually had quite a few pictures I wanted to use for this updated page, but in the end couldn’t come to a decision on my own.  Therefore, I left it to my blogging buddies on here to make the decision for us all.   The above picture is the top result of their votes.   The picture below is the runner-up. I especially liked one comment I got on the above picture during the voting process about this being a good picture to use for this page because the footprints in the sand were very symbolic of striking off in a new direction.   And a new direction this certainly is.

When I started this blog, I did it basically to appease the writing club I had joined when I moved to the Chesapeake Bay area.  They suggested perhaps I was ready for a bigger audience than just our little group and encouraged me to begin a blog.  The original goal of that club was mostly to accumulate a number of memoirs to eventually be bound into a book and passed down to children and grandchildren. The posts here all replied to the prompts given by the club. Thus, the name – A.PROMPTreply. 

However, as another move has now happened to me and I find myself in a new place and removed from my club, it’s time to make a fresh start on here too.   Though I will still be responding to prompts from that club (I’m going to attend via teleconferencing means at times) and the new writing club I intend to set up here in my new location, I’m also going to use this little blog of mine to just write on things that come to mind and share some of my photos as I continue to discover my new area on the shore of Lake Erie. 

Thanks for taking the time to share a little of this blogging journey with me!


98 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. You should come visit Canada. I just moved to the NYC in Sept 2013. I am currently a student and I am not working so I just started my blog in March 2014. That’s so exciting that you are starting to blog as well. Have fun, I am sure you’ll do great! – Cindy

    • Thanks so much for words of encouragement! It is quite a project this whole blogging world! Alot to get used to, but most interesting! Am happy to say, I have been to Canada numerous times! It’s my #1 spot for holiday anytime I can get there!

  2. Your writing is superb! Glad to “meet you”; are you on the Eastern Shore of Virginia or Maryland? We’re in southeast Virginia, but travel the Eastern Shore a few times each year – mostly to Cambridge, Maryland for boat races in the summer.

    • Wonderful…not sure it keeps up with the ones you have on your blog, but is best I’ve gotten here so far! Sunsets and sunrises are tricky and it seems I’m never in just the right place when they happen!

  3. motherhendiaries says:

    Beautiful picture! I love it… I fell in love with the Chesapeake area at age 8 through my obsession with Misty of Chincotigue and all the books to follow. There is something about windswept seagrass and miles of shoreline that spoke to my little girl heart. It still does. Well, that and ponies… I look forward to discovering your blog posts!

    • Oh, my. You would definitely love our area here then! Miles of shoreline and I’m happy to report that we even have horses aplenty over here! I’m glad you found my blog and I thank you for the lovely comment on the pic!

    • Oh, thank you for popping by and commenting! Strange new world over here I’m exploring. I’m wondering if you loved it or hated it here? Did you end up in similar place when you moved away?

        • Good heavens! That is quite an About page! (Am new to this blogging thing so haven’t quite got in habit of visiting those About pages straight off yet. But will get the hang of this soon! Thanks for pointing it out. I think you must probably have national identity crisis in addition to PTSD!

          • I like to look at About pages first when I check out a new blog. They usually give me enough of a feel for the proposed content to know whether or not I want to check in regularly, follow or think NEVER AGAIN! As for national identity crisis plus PSTD, it’s a wonder I’m not in a straight jacket. Red wine helps.

  4. I looked before but am just now getting around to commenting. You have been a faithful follower and so it is only fair that I now return the favor. “Chesapeake Bay area” …not really sure what that means or the area that it encompasses, but I remember as a small child vacationing back east and eating fresh crab in a little restaurant “across the street” from the Chesapeake Bay. I was born in Wilmington, DE and every year my step-dad, mom and I would journey back that direction to visit relatives after migrating to North Dakota!! (That is where I grew up). Around about 2000 was the last time I was in the area. I had a nephew get married somewhere in Maryland. When I was a child my aunt lived in Hyattsville, MD?? I think it was near DC. She has long since passed.

    What a beautiful picture! I love the water and love being near it, so living here in east Texas and being married to a man that is afraid of the water (but still loves to fish), has been challenging at best!

    • Oh, my. You describe this area perfectly…our town is chock FULL of little seafood places! We are on the Eastern Shore of Maryland here about 90 minutes from DC. I just had my first experience on a boat today going onto a friend’s boat…..felt VERY WOBBLY to me and we didn’t even take it out of the dock! Am not sure I’m going to get used to this…..But I do thank you for popping over and having a look at the blog and most especially for sharing your stories with me! That’s definitely the best thing about blogging….meeting such INTERESTING people!

    • Really? You are new to this? Your site looks SO GOOD and SO FUN! I really enjoyed perusing it this morning. You seem to have been all over the place..makes for alot of great pix and alot of great stories I’m sure. Will enjoy your blog again and again I’m sure. Thanks for popping over to see mine…am honoured!

      • Yes! I think my first post was about a month ago – so far, I am loving it and I trust you will enjoy it too! I’m glad you like my site, you’re far too kind! Hope to hear from you again, I’m following you now!

        • Thank you again for follow. I am following you as well! I only post about once a week so shouldn’t be too overwhelming trying to keep up with me! Can’t wait to hear about your trip at end of June!

          • haha, no worries! I’m the same ~ just post when I have time, so often there’s a few at one time and then a drought! If I ever get on my trip, grrrrr maybe I’ll do a post about dealing with the visas…nightmare. Anyway, lovely to meet you, thanks again!

  5. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have been in two writers’ groups over the years and both times my own work benefited. A couple of years ago a group set up in my town and out of an exercise we set ourselves came my third book, which is doing really well now. It was a short story that grew into a novella. The internet is great for connecting with like minded people and other writers but you can’t beat face to face interaction and the buzz of sharing each others’ work. Wishing you all the best with your own writing.

    • Wow! How nice to know that it CAN HAPPEN. Am anxious to get through your blog to take on all that you’ve gathered so far. I really appreciate your attention….perhaps you’ll have some tips for me along the way as I post here and there…….

      • I’m still learning, we all learn from each other really, I have received some very helpful advice because others have been generous enough to share. It’s nice to pass it on. I only started my first book in Oct 2012 after waiting about thirty years to take the plunge. Once I started I just couldn’t stop. I have cut back on my hours in work so that I can devote more time to writing. Now I’m on my fourth book and have two more in the pipeline plus a series of novelettes, oh there just isn’t enough time in the day. lol. Check out Brandon Sanderson’s free online tutorials on my blog. My son told me about them when I was on my first book and I learned so much, I really think they helped me all the way through that first book. I still ‘sit in’ on a class every so often. The link is on the Online Tutorials page. This link is a must if you want to write publish and market your book and her videos are on youtube, she’s great. http://www.thecreativepenn.com/

  6. I wish you not only good luck and good fortune with your writing, but a world of wondrous discovery while going through this process. It’s always so lovely to connect with another writer. I will look forward to reading your posts as you embark on this new journey. Cheers to you!

  7. Suze says:

    Knowing you for as long as I have, I know you are like cream and will rise to the top in anything you do! The past year has been filled with new adventures for you and I am excited for you!

  8. Thank you for paying a visit to my blog! I think this blog will go far, and love your writing style. You seem like a really lovely person who writes for the love of writing! I look forward to seeing your blog posts on my reader!

    • ‘Tis true…I really do love writing. It’s certainly gotten me through the year I’ve been in this new location and the club was a great way to get to meet people and connect here. It’s probably hard for you to understand at your age and having no years of parenting behind you yet, but it’s also the first thing I’ve had just for me in a very long time. So it’s been a real adventure and a real plus in my life this year. Thanks for the comments!

  9. Lovely picture, as is your blog! We are a landlocked sailing family. I’m envious of your location so close to the ocean and in such a beautiful place! Im relatively new to this blog world too. It’s certainly an adventure. Best writing wishes!

    • Thank you for compliments! Am finding out that the sailing community is quite large with a myriad of lifestyles and people. Is interesting to me that you still consider yourselves a sailing family though you are landlocked. How deep this sailing “bug” must go! As for us, we are currently relocated (just haven’t had time to update the blog yet!) but to another ‘water’ location with a yacht club, etc. I can think of one post on my blog (Captain Salty) concerning my son’s first foray into the sailing world (might bring back some memories for you) and another post (An Education for Shore) that will show you how far out of our element we were going into St. Michaels. Am envious of anyone who can hit the ground running in the maritime world! Thanks for sailing over to my blog today!

  10. Living in a beautiful part of the continent, where the Kennedys themselves once toddled in their diapers, must be hugely inspiring to a writer. I look forward to following your blog and being notified of how you handle future writing prompts.

  11. Well, I’ve done it! But, I’ve still got a bunch of gibberish from all the cutting and pasting I did. Help! Not sure how to edit and get rid of it. It’s at the bottom of my post. I still have to notify my nominees. Thanks so much for thinking of me. Appreciate it, but very time consuming.

  12. Hi-Hope you’re well. Can I have your permission to reblog some of your posts in the future on Red said what? I’m launching a monthly column, Who said what? that will feature guest bloggers / re-bloggers and I’d love to include your work. Please let me know what you think Thank you! :-).

    • Thank you, bittygirl! I’m glad you stopped by…you’re not the only one that didn’t get here in time to vote. I’m not sure why I only let it run 24 hours…I should’ve done maybe a week or so. Well, live and learn I guess. Am glad you approve anyway!

  13. From the posts I’ve read you’re doing very well with your writing and can’t imagine nothing but the best coming your way. I grew up along the shores of Lake Ontario – a bit cold, but a gentler and quieter kind of place. Best to you A!

    • Ah yes, then perhaps you are already familiar with St. Michaels – For sure it is beautiful area down that way. Thanks for your kind comment on the photos….I am enjoying my little hobby! Appreciate you stopping by!

    • Hi, Kathie. Thanks so much for the kind comments. We now live right outside Erie, PA. I’m so glad to be back. If you do any reading at all on my blog, you’ll find I’m very glad to be back in my home state and this area up here I’m in love with and have been photographing it most every weekend since I got here! Where are you at now?

    • Anna, you are so sweet and I really really appreciate you passing this on to me. However, my blog went award-free a while back…I just don’t have the time that is deserved to devote to the awards and I’d prefer to interact one-on-one with my fellow bloggers rather than just do the blanket questions in a post. I do thank you. I am honoured you thought of me and we’re still best bloggy buddies, okay? :)

      • I fully understand, Torrie, so please don’t feel bad about declining. I will continue to follow your blog, which is simply FABULOUS, and am honoured (I think it should be ‘honored’ on your side of the pond, but I simply cannot bring myself to write it – force of habit!) that you wish to remain my ‘bloggy buddy’. After this silly daily-blogging challenge, I have every intention of giving people a breather and will be posting at what I hope will be reasonable intervals. I trust you are enjoying your lovely new home. Warm wishes. Anna

        • Yes, Anna, I too have trouble with the non-British spellings over here. I do my best, but it grates on my spelling nerves at times! I actually quite liked your daily blogging challenge and found it most amusing! I wouldn’t call it silly at all. Thank you for your understanding on the Liebster. Starting to see hope around here in the new place…..just a glimmer, but it’s there…….Thanks.

          • Thanks again for your kind comments, Torrie. As I’ve said, I fully understand about the Liebster, so please don’t worry. And there is no need to reply to this comment; it’s obvious we are all courteous – but we are also busy! Warm wishes. :)

  14. Wow, I love both of those pictures!! What a cool idea for a blog, to respond to the prompts from a writing group. I am still trying to find a writing group that I fit into (both contextually and schedule-wise), though I’m not certain one such group exists ;-). Nice to meet you, and looking forward to reading more of your blog!

    • Oh, thank you so much! What nice words to hear. I’m glad you popped over to check out my blog. Perhaps we should start our own writing “group” on here…..we could exchange prompts and work on our own timetables! Sounds like just the thing for both of us! :)

  15. I couldn’t find your email to send you a private message. Would you send me an email at (REMOVED).
    Wondered if you were serious about making a trip to Niagara Falls. It’s going to be sunny Tues / Wed this week and apparently the Falls is frozen and flowing behind a layer of ice :)

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